Szeto Suetyee leads a new generation of aromatherapy aficionados with her essential oil products, an educational Youtube Channel, book, apps, and more

Aromatherapy has been getting a lot of attention recently with all its benefits. However, people should also be more mindful of the proper use of essential oils. To educate people on the wonders and proper use of essential oils, Michelle Szeto Suetyee, author of the Aroma FAQ and Aroma Calendar books, introduces a suite of tools for aromatherapy fans. These tools include Siuroma, her aromatherapy brand; the Aroma Index app; and her Siuroma Official YouTube channel.

“Having a multi-facing vision is key to run a successful aromatherapy business,” Suetyee said.

Suetyee’s mission is to inspire people to lead a healthy lifestyle by embracing beautiful things and cultivating positive mindsets by properly using essential oils.

Publishing books on aromatherapy is the key stepping stone for Suetyee’s success. Her Aroma FAQ book became one of the best-selling books in 2019. It offers answers to a hundred aromatherapy-related questions and contains 116 practical essential oil formulas plus nine must-read chapters explained in simple terms, and more.

Her other book, the Aroma Calendar, features an aromatherapy health care desk calendar, which contains recommendations for the fragrance expansion of the 24 solar terms in essential oils, exclusive app solar term reminders, and audio explanations for essential oil users.

Her latest venture, the Siuroma, offers essential oil products in their online store such as the Sleep Tight Roll-on, with lavender and lemon essential oils; Relief, with wintergreen, mint, and clove oils for body aches; and Digest, with peppermint, patchouli, and ginger oils for indigestion. Currently, the site has more than 40 essential oil products.

Suetyee recently opened Siuroma’s new office in Hong Kong last September 17, 2020, at 903 Vogue Centre, 696 Castle Peak Road. To celebrate the new office opening, she also releases 3 sets of essential oil roll-on named Daily Care Series, Kids Care Series, and Work & Learn Series to help people enhance their daily life.

Siuroma seeks to revolutionize the aromatherapy industry by realigning traditional business operation and product development with modern technology. To promote aromatherapy use in one’s daily life, she also brings more educational tools to lead a new generation of essential oil enthusiasts with better knowledge.

For the new breed of aromatherapy enthusiasts in the digital age, Suetyee presents the Aroma Index app. It features more than 100 kinds of essential oil information. Plant information in the app is updated in real-time, with pictures and texts all at a glance. With the app, users can instantly search for essential oils by plant name, English name, or scientific name, which is convenient and quick.

Her best-selling book Aroma FAQ is also included in the aroma index app, which explains profound theories in simple language and answers questions for newbies.

Suetyee’s YouTube channel – Siuroma, which teaches people aromatherapy has more than 3,000 subscribers as of this writing. Her brand Siuroma also has Facebook and Instagram.

Suetyee also offers floral design and wedding makeup services on her Siuroma website.

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About Michelle Szeto Suetyee

Michelle Szeto Suetyee is a writer and aromatherapist who published two books on aromatherapy & essential oil. Her Aroma FAQ book became the best-selling book in 2019. Her latest venture Siuroma, an e-commerce store that offers more than 40 aromatherapy oil products also contains her brand philosophy, mission, and vision as a multi-faceted aromatherapist who promotes a healthy lifestyle by embracing beautiful things, cultivating positive mindsets, and educating people how to properly use essential oils.

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