Soraya Moghis was left with second-degree burns after having a chemical peel. She snapped a photo of the inside of one of the salon’s drawers and claims tools were kept in unhygienic conditions (Pictures: Eyewitness News)

A woman was left housebound with second-degree burns after getting a chemical peel at a beauty salon she says was unhygenic.

Soraya Moghis face was left covered in painful red blotches after she had the treatment in June.

It sees a solution applied to the skin, which acts as an exfoliant and makes the top layer of skin peel off, revealing a fresher complexion underneath.

But Soraya claims an aesthetician at ULTA Beauty store in Menifee, California ‘pressured’ her into the treatment – with horrific results.

She told Eyewitness News: ‘ In the spirit of a “me” day, I said okay…

‘I’ve had a chemical peel before, absolutely, and it is a little bit of a burning sensation.

‘But I didn’t think I’d end up with second-degree burns.’

Soraya returned to the store the day after her treatment to address her concerns about the pain – and says she filmed the ‘gross’ drawer that contained implements used during her treatment.

She then went to urgent care, with a dermatologist later confirming the severity of the burns she’d received.

Soraya suffered such severe pain she was forced to miss a family celebration.

Soraya received the burn after a visit to this beauty clinic, and says she was pressured into the treatment by a worker there (Picture: Google Maps)

She is unhappy with how ULTA’s customer service have tried to resolve her complaints.

The mother explained: ‘During that call, they offered me another facial. So, you can imagine how upset I was to literally get second-degree burns and you want to offer me another facial.

‘No, thank you.’

UTLA offered to reimburse the cost of Soraya’s treatment and pay her medical bills.

She says she has yet to receive that check, and has also refused to accept the $500 compensation offered, saying: ‘I don’t think $500 correlated to what they put me through.’

UTLA told Eyewitness news they’d issued another refund and reimbursement check.

A spokesman added: ‘The health and safety of our guests, as well as their satisfaction with our products and services is a top priority.’

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