One Hu Pei Yi took to Facebook group Hair salon in Singapore to share how she allegedly got charged S$199 for a haircut.

Allegedly tried to charge her S$1,999

Hu claimed that she had visited a salon in Clementi Ave 3 requesting for a haircut.

When inside the shop, the staff tried to sell her a package, which costs “several hundreds of dollars”.

As she was about to make payment, Hu claimed the store said they did not accept cash, and suggested she used Nets to make payment.

According to Hu, the salon staff then keyed in S$1,999 in the Nets machine.

When asked about this figure, she claimed the staff told her that this was the cost for 10 sessions of scalp treatment, which Hu did not agree to signing up for.

Thankfully, Hu said that her account did not have that much money, so the transaction did not go through.

The staff allegedly didn’t stop there, and tried to key in two other amounts later on — S$599 and then S$399.

According to a photo of a receipt uploaded by Hu, it appears that she was eventually charged S$199 for a “wash & blow”. It is unclear if Hu also received these services in addition to her haircut.

The receipt is dated Sep. 7, 2020.


In her post, Hu wrote that she is prepared to lodge a police report, and hopes to remind people to not be fooled by the prices advertised by the shop.

According to her, the salon advertises S$3 haircuts and S$29 hair treatment offerings.

We have reached out to Hu for more details.

You can see her full post here.

Previously, the same hair salon had allegedly charged an elderly customer S$35 for two hair washes and a haircut after he requested for a S$3 haircut only.

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Top photo via Jackie Siao / Google Maps, 胡佩仪/FB

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