Like so many of us over the past year, Smith has found a connection to beauty and herself through nature. She recalls a recent camping trip with Paris Jackson, filled with oracle card readings, skinny dipping in streams, and meditation. Smith’s Instagram followers will know that she also turned to yoga as a way to process stress and gain strength. She says that when she first started yoga, she was focused on the physical aspect of it. “I really wanted to master the moves. And I achieved a lot of the goals I had,” she says. “But I learned along the way, that’s not necessarily what yoga is about. It’s helped me to learn to take a breath, not listen to the negative voice in my head, and deal with life in a more compassionate way. That’s yoga, too. It’s a mindset and lifestyle. Not just the fact that you can do a handstand.”

Life is about to speed up for Smith as she prepares to release her album, Lately I Feel Everything, next week. The lessons she’s learned from yoga seem bound to keep her steady. “Through it all, I try to always remind myself that I have value even without any of the things that I’m doing. I have value aside from what I show the world and the art I put out in the world,” she says. “I’ve learned to love what’s at my core, at my purest form.”

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