LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The candle crafters at Wicksly have published their newest informational guide on the world of candles, this time focusing on aromatherapy candles. Wickly has conducted research in creating and maintaining its candle subscription, and has a deep understanding of what differentiates candles from one another, aside from obvious flavors.

Traditionally, aromatherapy candles utilize essential oils to produce their fragrance and are made completely naturally, with high-quality ingredients that last longer than synthetic candles. If you’ve been to a spa or salon, you may already smelled an aromatherapy candle before, as these destinations often utilize them to add to a soothing ambiance. Importantly though, Wicksly notes that there is a difference between aromatherapy candles and scented ones; essential oils and natural wax. Aromatherapy candles exclusively utilize oils like sage, lavender, cedar wood, and bergamot instead of artificial scents, and include natural wax which will burn for hours longer. These natural materials can also offer medicinal properties when used in candle form: lavender helps to reduce anxiety and stress, vanilla is known to be calming, lemon revitalizes the mind while diminishing nausea, and so on.

Given the additional complexity, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for in an aromatherapy candle, as the ingredients used to make it are everything. For instance, understanding that soy wax is considered to be the most environmentally-friendly wax is important, as it can not only produce less soot when burned, but is also smokeless, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Companion to that is the wick, which can help the wax from liquefying the moment it melts and aid the candle in distributing its scent slowly and evenly. A great natural material for a wick is cotton, which can be produced without any toxics for a clean, healthy burn. Ingredients go beyond the candle as well, and extend to the container that holds it, as some cheaply-produced ones can be damaged or cracked in their journey to a store shelf, which can lead to potential hazards. In creating their candle subscription, Wicksly opted to produce their jars with glass, citing that it was very thermodynamic and sturdy, so it could be shipped safely.

Beyond the construction of the candle, users should understand how to get the most value out of their candles and use them properly, to maximize value. For instance, if you do not know to cut the wick on a candle as it gets smaller, the candle will produce more black smoke and potentially blacken the insides of the container. Additionally, the first time you burn the candle you should burn it for at least two or three hours, which will help the wax melt evenly and prevent it from tunneling. When you’re done using the candle, you should try and opt not to blow on it, which will distribute the smell of smoke or even send sparks into the air. Instead, it is preferable to extinguish the candle with a candle snuffer, which will cease the flame without any greater disturbances.

The full depth of Wicksly’s knowledge library regarding candles, candle subscriptions, aromatherapy, and more is available for free through their website.

Wicksly is a luxury candle subscription service that ships candles to member’s homes every month that are 100% natural and made in the USA. Those interested can visit Wicksly’s website and follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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