Given that the Duchess has pretty much the same credentials as GP and VB, plus access to tiaras, it’s surely only a matter of time before we are blessed with Moom – a highly aspirational guide to Om, Family Relationships and Running for President.

But before they launch, both need a tag-line. Goop’s, for instance, is “a modern lifestyle brand”. What about: “Home of the Modern Avocado Lover” for Voob? Moom? Something like “Freedom is Really Cool” should do it.

Then there’s the stunt product that every start-up needs. Goop has the infamous candle with the immortal strapline: “This smells like my vagina.” Greeted with tootles of derision, it scooped up oodles more publicity for the site. Beckham is actually quite coy, so may prefer to go with the less contentious: “This face mask reminds me of David’s thongs.” Moom can go high with a: “This yoga mat will make you more compassionate.”

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