GREENSBURG — It is important for Medicare patients to receive proper wellness care, which in turn may lower their risk of illness or injury. That is why we, at Decatur County Memorial Hospital, want you to know about your Medicare benefits and help you make smart decisions about your healthcare.

“Physical” is often used to describe wellness care, however, Medicare does not pay for a traditional, head-to-toe physical. Medicare covers a yearly appointment to discuss your plan of preventive care in the coming year and identify any health risks you may have. This appointment is called the Annual Wellness Visit. If it is done within the first year of eligibility, it is called the “Welcome to Medicare” visit.

During the Annual Wellness Visit, you and your doctor or health care provider will create a prevention plan based on your needs. As part of the visit, your doctor will:

•Give you a health-risk assessment. A nurse may call you to review those questions prior to your visit.

• Review your medical and family history.

• Make a list of your current providers and medications. Medications include prescription medications, as well as vitamins and supplements that you may take.

• Create a written 5-10 year screening schedule or check-list. This checklist depends on your individual health status, screening history and what age-appropriate, Medicare covered, preventive services you are eligible for.

• Identify risk factors and current medical and mental health conditions along with related current or recommended treatments.

• Check your height, weight, blood pressure, and body mass index.

• Screen for cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment includes diseases such as Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

• Review risk factors for depression.

• Review your functional ability and level of safety. This includes screening for hearing impairments and your risk of falling. Your doctor may also assess the level of safety in your home.

• Give health advice and referrals to health education or preventive counseling services or programs aimed at reducing identified risk factors and promoting wellness. These include weight loss, physical activity, smoking cessation, fall prevention, and nutrition.

Note: If you receive any additional services during the Annual Wellness Visit, then you may have an additional charge for those services. Services not included in the Annual Wellness Visit will be billed separately. You may be charged your usual copay and deductible if the additional service is covered by Medicare.

If you have any questions about Medicare coverage or your annual wellness visit, please call DCMH ACO Care Coordinator, Darci Myers, at 812-663-1255. Decatur County Memorial Hospital. The quality care you want. Close by.

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