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Wellness in the Workplace Becoming a Key Focus of All Employers


You’re probably looking at the cover of the January 2019 issue of BodyShop Business saying, “What, has BodyShop Business turned into a food magazine?” No. Since 1982, BodyShop Business has been dedicated to one simple thing: improving the bottom lines of auto body shops. And we truly believe focusing on health and wellness in your shop can help.

Steve Feltovich, who authored our cover story this month, should know. Previously the manager of Business Consulting Services for Sherwin-Williams and now an independent consultant, Feltovich has been in hundreds of shops. He’s seen the typical “manly man” mentality of most shops “manning up,” grinding through, ignoring the pain, skipping lunch…and burning out. Regular breaks, he says, can help relieve muscle fatigue and eyestrain and restore employees’ level of concentration.

Wellness in the workplace is becoming a key area of focus for all types of employers in different industries. And it should be even more so in the collision industry with the workforce challenges it has.

It’s a new year, and what better way to start it than taking a fresh look at health and wellness at your shop to see if you can maintain happy employees and achieve productivity gains. After all, your employees are your greatest asset.

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