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Happy Friday friends! So many of you have DM’d me pictures of you with your acupressure mats and I am loving that! I’m really happy that so many of you gave them a try – I am officially addicted to mine. Today’s wellness post is maybe a little woo woo but honestly it’s one of my favorite posts in a while, as I got to do so much research for it. A few folks got a little fiesty on Instagram DM’s when I mentioned that I was researching crystals, and I get it. So if this is not for you, feel free to scroll to the bottom of the post for the more practical stuff (this week’s workouts, links, etc!). I won’t be offended.

But let’s just have fun with this, okay? I am not suggesting we try to cure cancer here and they may not even work… but there is this whole world of people using crystals (and I’ve always loved them – I had a massive rock collection as a kid) and as a naturally curious person, I wanted to learn more about that. So I chased down a few different experts to help me understand more about the power of crystals and how to use them. After all, I’m not a medical professional, I’m not a scientist, nor am I a spiritual guru… I’m a lifestyle blogger who finds this stuff really, really intriguing. I started working on this story back in mid-January. I conducted 3 different interviews on the phone, chatted with others over email, and spent a lot of time at my local crystal store – I finally feel ready to share what I’ve learned.

My experts! I talked to a few key people to better understand how this all works! Paige Novick (the jewelry designer, who received her certification in crystals this summer), Anna Toonk (an intuitive heeler/tarot card reader/reiki master), Michelle Keinan who is an amazing healer/power guide/manifestation expert (I am a client!) and entrepreneur (she runs a wellness collective in the city and also has a podcast), and Heidi Raymaakers of Soulful Intentions for a beginner crash course.


First of all, why use crystals?

  • I loved what Paige told me; that crystals are an antidote to technology. And as Michelle told me, right now there is this backlash to city life and social media. Things like meditation, crystals, and getting in touch with your feminine energy are the perfect way to counteract technology/social media overdose.
  • I also liked what Anna Toonk said, which was very practical… “worst case, it’s a placebo; best case, I’m right.”
  • And as Michelle said, at first she thought crystals were bullshit. How could holding a rock make you feel better!? Then she tried it. In her words, “if holding something makes you feel good, then that is worth it alone!”

Choosing a stone:

In speaking with everyone I talked to, it was unanimous. The stones choose you. So whatever stone you are drawn to is the stone you probably need/should be using. “It can seem pretty technical and specific but it’s really not!” Heidi said. “Everyone is different and responds differently to crystals so as a beginner whichever ones you are drawn to, whether you know the meanings or not, trust yourself.”

I also reallllly liked Michelle’s thoughts here. “You wouldn’t pick a bad crystal like you’d pick a bad boyfriend. They’re all good for you.” YASSS.

So basically, don’t stress out. Go to a crystal store and see what you gravitate toward. But I’ve included a few good basics/starting points below.

What stone does what?

  • Rose quartz is frequently thought of as the stone of love, but it’s actually more about self love. It opens the heart and helps you to reconnect to your femininity. That’s not to say it can’t help with romantic love. As Anna put it, the more you light up, the more likely you are to attract someone.
  • Clear quartz is the easiest stone. It pulls out the bad energy and is great for purification and clearing a space/your energy.
  • Turquoise opens the throat chakra, allowing you to speak your inner truth.
  • Black Tourmaline is very protective and can ward off negativity.
  • Amethyst. Anna told me that amethysts are considered the “stone of sobriety.” They are great for helping with sleep and breaking bad habits. I now sleep with an amethyst geode on each night stand. (Again, worst case – they’re pretty and I have a little placebo effect going on…  best case, they’re helpful!)
  • Flourite is great when you are struggling at work. It’s gentle, protective, and positive. Keep it at your desk. Anna even suggested offering some to your boss, which we both giggled at. Just tell them it’s a present… “I just thought you might like one too!”
  • Red Jasper is great for when you’re working on your sexuality/want to feel sexier.
  • Peacock Ore is great for creatives and removing blocks. Anna keeps a big piece at her workspace.
A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals | The Stripe

Where to use them:

Heidi advises to just keeping them in your space… on you (as jewelry) or around you.  “As long as you’re in the energy field of the stone, its energy is going to raise your frequency, which is essentially how they work.”

What I learned from this is that there really is no right or wrong way to use crystals. Michelle puts them in her bra as an easy way to have them close to her heart and lungs. I keep mine at my desk and nightstand, and hold crystals when I meditate in the morning. Sometimes I bring them to yoga and place them near my mat + on my body during savasana. This is more of an intuitive thing – we are all different different stones + processes work for different people.

 Caring for your stones:

Anna told me that crystals are inherently positive. If a crystal gives you a bad vibe it is because of who has been handling it. You can cleanse them with a smoke bath (sage or palo santo) or a salt bath. So whenever I buy a new crystal I burn some palo santo (I do this anyway, I am obsessed), and float the crystal around in the smoke. Don’t leave them in the sun for long periods of time as they will fade over time.


  • So many of your recommended following the Energy Muse instagram account. It’s really cool.
  • Books! I bought two books about crystals. This one, by Yulia Van Doren is a good starting point. It covers all the basics, what stones are good for what, etc. It’s the perfect beginners guide. The Energy Muse book, Crystal Muse is also really good but it’s a bit more advanced, containing several rituals and spells you can perform. I’m not quite at the point of doing rituals just yet but it’s got a ton of good information.
  • Paige Novick sells crystal kits on her site – I have the balance one and use it (holding the stones in my hands) when I meditate.
  • Etsy sells soooooo many crystals.  I’ve ordered quite a few from them.
This week’s something new: I started using these massage balls! I bought these exact ones at my yoga studio (they sell them there and I’ve noticed a lot of girls bring them to class and roll out their backs + legs beforehand and I was intrigued), but the ones on Amazon look to be the exact same for way less. Holy MOLY if you think foam rolling is painful, these are just next level. You can lay on them, or put one on the wall and roll out the knots in your back + shoulders. PAIN. But in the best way possible. (Am I becoming a masochist? First the acupressure mat and now this!) Anyway I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders and am loving these little balls, despite the fact that they hurt like h*ll. You can also roll out your feet on them which feels incredible. bnMy other “something new” is that I booked a 5 day yoga retreat in May! For privacy purposes I’m not going to say which exact one but it’s to a country I’ve never visited and I am really, really excited for it.


Workouts/#sorryforslacking :

Friday – Monday: Not a whole lot of exercise… was on vacation. I really did have every intention of exercising (I even packed a yoga mat for crying out loud) but it was hot, we were doing the things, and I chose sleep over getting up early to work out. Oh well. I got right back into the swing of things upon arriving home.

Tuesday – Sky Ting Yoga Class

Wednesday – 40 min run/walk on the treadmill at Equinox

Thursday – Sky Ting Yoga Class

This Week’s Healthy Links:

Don’t forget to share your progress this week in the comments! PS – I have been looking for some new wellness/fitness/healthy living blogs + instagram accounts to follow – what are your favorites?

A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals | The Stripe

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