It’s been two months since the Belle Gibson saga finally came to an end, and now a new Aussie wellness blogger has been called out for giving cancer advice online.


Back in September, Belle Gibson was fined $410,000 for lying to the public about having brain cancer and claiming she had cured the disease with a healthy lifestyle.

She tricked millions into believing her story, with some cancer patients even opting to forgo traditional cancer treatment because of her claims.

Now a young wellness blogger, who unlike Belle has made no claims to suffering or surviving cancer, has been called out for giving advice on the disease online.

olivia budgen

Wellness blogger Olivia Budgen has been called out for giving cancer advice online. Photo: Facebook

A post by Olivia Budgen titled ‘cancer and disease is your body trying to save you’ has faced some backlash and since appeared to have been deleted from her account.

However not before the Belle Gibson Uncovered Facebook group saw it and shared it to their followers, many of which were affected by what happened with Belle.

belle gibson

A Belle Gibson Facebook group has compared her to the disgraced wellness blogger. Photo: Channel Nine

“There is a new ‘wellness warrior’ Olivia Budgen who has only a couple of thousand followers but is dispensing cancer advice to vulnerable people for profit – she deleted this post when we shared it,” the page wrote.

“Foolish and irresponsible health advice can hurt people drawn in by the hype that is created by these people.”

Olivia, who launched launched a company in Brisbane selling raw organic juices, started off the post by suggesting ‘these conditions were not actually bad at all’.

wellness blogger

Olivia shared a post titled ‘cancer and disease is your body trying to save you’.

“What if they were created by the body to help save you? What if disease is your body’s survival mechanism?” her post continued.

It was shared 199 times before it seems to have been taken down, but while she has plenty of followers, many called her out.

“I find your post to be incredibly problematic. There aren’t any sources quoted. Furthermore I think it is very insensitive to people who have lost a loved one to cancer or are battling cancer themselves,” one person commented on her Facebook.

olivia budgen brisbane

People online have slammed her for giving cancer advice. Photo: Facebook

People on the Belle Gibson page were quite upset, especially those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

“This is really upsetting! So she wants to challenge my beliefs after I saw my mother die from cancer,” one person wrote.

“What would this chick know that a cancer specialist who has studied their whole life wouldn’t,” another asked.

belle gibson cancer

Olivia’s original post has since appeared to have been deleted. Photo: Facebook

Cancer Research UK’s head information nurse Martin Ledwick has called her post “extremely misleading and dangerous”.

“The recommendations in Ms Budgen’s social media post bear no relation to any scientific facts about how cancer starts or how it can be treated,” he told

“Her stance is extremely insensitive to people who have cancer and to those who have lost someone to cancer, as it implies that a few changes to diet will save them.”

Yahoo7 has contacted Olivia for comment.

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