The Vyaime Car Diffuser Humidifier is our #5 choice for the best car diffuser. This air refresher/purifier/humidifier/aroma diffuser has USB charging abilities, operates at a nearly-silent level, and has an automatic shut off feature that prevents wasting energy and dry burning. The Vyaime car diffuser differs from related products because it fits in the cigarette outlet, rather than taking up a cup holder.

Why We Like It – Vyaime Car Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Vyaime Car Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier offers an easy way to improve the air quality within your vehicle. The oil diffuser allows you to use your choice of essential oils to add a pleasant smell to your car, & the ultrasonic humidifier releases tiny water droplets & oxygen ions into the air to help minimize the effects of airborne dust. It also turns any cigarette lighter plug into a dual usb charger!


  • Silent Essential Oil Car Diffuser
  • Auto Shut Off Feature
  • Has A Dual USB Charger Adapter


  • There Is No Essential Oil Included With This Aroma Diffuser
  • Some People Report These Oil Diffusers Failing After Little Use


These essential oil aromatherapy diffusers by Vyaime are multi-purpose oil aromatherapy diffusers. They are USB charger adapter/ ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser/air purifier/humidifier devices. Using it as an air freshener is easy – simply put a water & essential oil mix into this car diffuser. Essential oil products come in many different scents, so you have a nearly unlimited amount of options! Each Vyaime car diffuser essential oil device has two charging ports, so you can easily charge your devices while using this product (the Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction also has two USB charger ports).


This diffuser/humidifier/essential oil/ USB adapter/ultrasonic air refresher is superior to other products because it doesn’t require an entire cup holder to improve the quality of your car air. Instead, you simply plug it into your cigarette lighter (turning it into a dual USB car charger)! It has a 50ml tank and projects vapor upwards so it can easily be dispersed by your car vents. This car diffuser/humidifier/essential oil device has a simple one-button operation with two modes: humidifier and aroma diffuser (the RoyAroma Aromatherapy Essential Stainless Freshener is a non-electronic alternative).


This humidifier/essential oil aromatherapy device costs $19.99 (the InnoGear Essential Refresher Ultrasonic Aromatherapy diffuser is also $19.99!). It has free shipping and returns provided by Amazon Prime, and even offers a 90-day money back guarantee! You also get a 12-month after-service warranty as well. Unfortunately, these may be features that you need, because this diffuser/essential oil aromatherapy device only scored a 3.5/5 star score based on 303 customer reviews. The most common complaint is near immediate product failure, so fortunately this will be well within the warranty timeline.

Vyaime Car Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Humidifier Wrap Up

This diffuser/humidifier/aroma air refresher by Vyaime has a unique design that allows you to charge your USB devices while leaving both of your cup holders open for drinks. Unfortunately, this product has a tendency to fail and doesn’t come with any essential oils, but on the plus side, it does have a 90-day warranty If you don’t mind testing your luck (or mind having to return/replace a product), this could be a great purchase for you!




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