Habibi Bath & Body, a consumer-focused wellness brand founded by influencer-turned-entrepreneur Shahada Karim, recently announced the launch of its Limited Edition Vanilla Latte Body Scrub, made exclusively for Autumn/Winter 2020. This indulgent scrub is made using fresh-ground coffee beans, vanilla beans, Himalayan salt, raw sugar, cinnamon, date nectar, jojoba oil, aloe, and Vitamin E. It’s designed to “awaken your senses” for an invigorating aromatherapy experience.

The Vanilla Latte Body Scrub is launched as part of the upcoming Community Cleanse program, a lifestyle change that includes everything from recipes to physical training guidance. “Part of the program includes avoiding coffee for 21 days, and this will be a nice way for them to indulge. Caffeine can help lift and tighten skin when applied topically, and may even help shed water weight. It’s a nice way for them to get their coffee fix and improve their skin’s appearance at the same time,” commented Karim.

The new scrub is free for anyone who purchases the Community Cleanse program and is available to purchase online.

Image Credit: Habibi Bath & Body

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