Color: white, wood
Material: PP (Polypropylene)
Input: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Output: DC 24V 500mA
Power: 12W
Aerosolized amount: level 2
Ultrasonic frequncy: 2.4MH z
Remote control battery: 1x CR2032 lithium cell 3V (NOT INCLUDE)
Volume: max.
500mL Plug: US plug
Capacity: 500mL
Working time: 10-16 hours
Dimensions: 160x120mm (diameter x height)
Cable line length: 1.3 m
Operation: –MIST/TIME
spray control switch:
1. Press the “MIST / TIME” switch for the first time, the aroma lamp is on and the spray is on.
2. Press the “MIST / TIME” switch for the second time, the aromatherapy machine enters 10 seconds to work and 10 seconds to stop spraying mode. “10 SEC” Indicator will light.
3. Press the “MIST / TIME” switch for the third time, the aromatherapy machine enters the 2-hour timing mode, “2H” indicator will light.
4. Press the “MIST / TIME” switch for the fourth time, the aromatherapy machine enters the 4-hour timing mode, “4H” indicator will light.
5. Press the “MIST / TIME” switch for the fifth time, the Aromatherapy Machine will stop working.
Note: The first time you press the “MIST / TIME” switch, the aromatherapy machine defaults to dense fog mode, if the “MIST / TIME” switch is pressed for about 10 seconds, the MID / CONT indicator will light and the aroma Machine will enter small fog mode.
–Light control switch:
1. When the machine start working, the lights automatically enter colorful automatic cycle mode.
2. Press the “LIGHT” button during the cycle to set the current light color.
3. Press the “LIGHT” button again to enter the optional lighting mode. Press one time to switch a color. (a total of seven colors, each color is divided into two shades)
4. After all colors have been viewed, press the “LIGHT” button again to turn off the light
5. Press the “LIGHT” button again to return to the seven-color auto-cycle mode.
Note: When the host is turned off, the light will be turned off. Long press 5 seconds to turn off the lights at any time.
–Add aromatherapy essential oils: 1. Turn off the power, take off the lid, put your favorite fragrance oil into the water tank, and add water. 2. Recover the lid, turn on the power supply.
Note: Please add the right amount of water according to the scale in the water tank, If the amount of water exceeds the maximum, the amount of spray will be affected, no fog or mist. When you just add water, spray will be relatively small, with the decrease in water spray will gradually increase. –Product maintenance
1. Turn off the function key, cut off the power;
2. Remove the cover and pour the water from the tank in the direction of the marked “MAX”
3. Wipe the host housing and the tank cavity with a soft cotton cloth;
4. Wipe the cooler in the center of the tank with a cotton swab. It is advisable to clean it every 7-14 days.
Package included: 1 x aromatherapy diffuser 1 x US plug adaptor 1 x remote control

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