“The reason that The Spiced Brew is different is because as a certified aromatherapist I can ask a few questions of the client, have them smell a few oils and lead the client in the best direction for the oils specifically best for them as an individual,” Woody said.

Woody spends time with each customer to find out their specific needs. For example, while lavender might help one person feel calm and relaxed, for another person, she said it could cause them to feel agitated.

Woody said many places often leave out warning labels, but safety is a subject she takes seriously. For any essential oil that has a negative side effect — whether phototoxic or harmful to children — Woody makes sure to provide a warning label.

“Just because essential oils are natural, does not mean that you cannot harm yourself or others with them,” she said.

Woody said one of the first lessons she learned while undergoing her training as an aromatherapist was that people should never ingest essential oils directly. Without the guidance of a medical professional, she said the practice proves dangerous.

Woody said many people don’t understand how concentrated the oils are. For example, she said one drop of rose oil amounts to 50 roses.

And while people can apply some of the oils topically with a carrier oil to dilute the substance, she finds the best method involves inhalation of the aroma.

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