What feels the most soothing when you suffer from a case of stuffy nose, closed and congested chest? A vapour rub!

While a cold or a congested chest can make it even more difficult for you to catch a good night’s sleep or concentrate on work, most of us tend to rely on topical ointment or vapour rubs to treat a cough or a cold easy. While they help, you cannot disagree with their potential side-effects! Plus, they are not the safest options available for the little ones.

For something to treat the toughest of colds and coughs, what you need is a strong dose of natural goodness. We tell you an easy remedy that can come in handy, all homemade.

Commerical vapour rubs and medicines seldom contain traces of synthetic camphor, petroleum, apart from permitted chemicals which might not be good for you.

Since aromatherapy is a naturally helpful holistic healing medium, you can always turn to essential oils to treat that nasty cold. That being said, here is an easy DIY remedy that can provide relief easy.

What you will need:

– Coconut oil (1/4th cup)

– Eucalyptus oil (10-15 drops)

-Peppermint essential oil (5-10 drops)

-Lavender essential oil ( 10-15 drops)

– Lemon essential oil ( 10-12 drops)

-Tea tree essential oil ( 2-3 drops)

-A jar or a bowl, to store the mixture.

How to make it

In a bowl or a jar, take coconut oil and smoothen it. You can also heat it if you want. To this, add all the mentioned essential oils and whip it up so that they mix up nicely. You can also use a mixer to prepare this concoction.

Once ready, take this mixture and transfer it into the jar. Secure it and store it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. The naturally prepared rub can stay well for 5-6 months at a length.

You can use it anytime when you are ill, just the same way as other vapour rubs.

What makes this better than the commercial rubs?

For many with sensitive skin, commercial vapour rubs can be harsh and lead to a reaction. Compared to that, this DIY rub comes packed with natural benefits that suit most skin types.

One main ingredient in this rub is eucalyptus essential oil, which acts as an expectorant, dealing with respiratory issues, opens up the phlegm as well. Plus, it has antimicrobial properties, just like tea tree oil which can get rid of allergens and pollutants adding to your irritation.

Another added benefit is the presence of lemon essential oil, loaded with potent vitamin C, which again comes in super handy while you battle a cold or a cough. Lavender in the mixture can help you sleep better, while peppermint oil, with its helpful antibacterial and pain-relieving properties can act down on any inflammation. It is also added to the market bought concoctions, which provides a cooling effect. Individually, all these added oils carry magical benefits but together, they become a strong antidote for your health problems.


It is always advised to conduct a patch test on the skin to stay on the safer side. Always use trusted, pure essential oils for your body.

Refrain from using large amounts at once. Always use small portions for kids and even lesser if you plan to use it on babies.

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