These days, I think more and more people realize that taking care of yourself isn’t limited to your morning and evening skin-care rituals. It’s also about the things you do to care for your well-being. We are not simply meant to work and earn our paychecks. We need to nourish ourselves holistically.

Clear skin isn’t born out of the most expensive formulations. It’s about your lifestyle, too.

Having hobbies that help you feel happy will benefit you physically. We’ve seen the many studies that link how your feelings are seen on your skin.

Stress, for example, is linked to the disruption of your cortisol levels. When this happens, you get oilier skin. Oilier skin leads to pimples and other skin issues.

Stress can also lead to late nights, which also lead to the deterioration of skin health. It’s not enough to do your multi-step skin-care routine and call it a day.


All Access Front Row leopard-print stretch set

I’ve seen how people have first turned to exercise from at-home workouts, video exercise subscriptions and other online fitness plans. It’s a positive thing. I’m glad that even people who weren’t into exercise have suddenly adopted a routine, whether it’s a casual one of two to three days in a week or one, which involves an hour every day.

My recent purchases have included ankle weights. I’ve seen people geeking over different materials when it comes to sportswear.

If you’re looking to elevate your set, there’s All Access via Net-A-Porter. You can get items like the Front Row leopard-print stretch sports bra. It features innovative eight-way stretch fabric. It has a flexible racer back and thick elasticated underband for optimized support. You also can get the matching leggings.

People have also grown more conscious of what they’re eating, and have taken up cooking and baking as a hobby. I’ve been a recipient of a few of my friends’ cooking adventures, much to the happiness of my tummy. Another plus about this: the connections food can make despite everything that’s happening.

When it comes to skin care, we’ve put emphasis on using the best. It’s not about how many steps you do, but the quality of the steps, as well—not just the products, but also what they stand for as brands.

Hawaiian Palm from Wonderplants

Inclusive beauty

Danessa Myricks Beauty Love & Light Beauty Oil

On Beautylish, you’ll see Danessa Myricks Beauty. Myricks is a makeup artist, photographer and entrepreneur. Her beauty line features an inclusive beauty range that is 100-percent cruelty-free.

Among her makeup offers is Love & Light Beauty Oil. It is for hydration and radiance from your face to your lips. Lightweight and non-greasy, it can be applied day and night and underneath makeup.

Another hobby people love these days? Indoor gardening. A trove of shops that offers Instagrammable plants is online. You will find something specific to your level of plant knowledge.

On, you can get a selection of yuccas, Hawaiian palms and Phoenix palms. These plants can give life to your indoors and welcome you to the wonderful world of botanicals.

Wonderplants also offers durable and premium hemp baskets with steel frames, which make them very sturdy and can carry approximately 10 kilogram.

Whatever your current self-care hobby is, or if you’re dabbling in all of them, it can only lead to good results.

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