PHYSICAL distancing may be the norm in 2020, but a sex toy company revealed Northern Rivers residents are getting more adventurous with their purchases as the pandemic progresses.

Stop blushing and read on, because if you are not aware of this you may be missing out.

Nicola Relph, operator, squeezed, massaged and crunched the numbers.

The company already revealed last April what toys we were purchasing back in April.

And same as in April, the Northern Rivers town that recorded the most online sex toys orders with the company was Byron Bay.

“In Byron Bay, the most popular items are the Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, Uberlube and Almond aromatherapy massage oil,” she said.

Almond oil? Maybe we need to came up with an organic macadamia one. Is it vegan?

In Lismore, Ms Relph said the most popular items were the Satisfyer Pro 2, Wet Stuff lubricant and the Scandal Bed Restraint Kit.

Well, we all know Lismore loves a scandal, so that’s ‘on brand’.

In Ballina, the most popular items were Wet Stuff lubricant, Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, and a card game called 50 Ways to Tease Your Lover.

50? I’d be exhausted after five, but hey, kudos to you Ballina for getting creative.

In Casino, popular items were the Satisfyer Pro 2.0, Wet stuff lubricant and the First Time Cuff set.

First time, Casino? Who are you trying to trick?

In Kyogle, the most popular products were the Satisfyer Pro 2.0, Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote, and the beginners Bondage Kit.

No comment, but noted, Kyogle.

Ms Relph said the Northern Rivers recorded a number of new products since April.

“It looks like people are trying beginner bondage toys and games, given they have more time on their hands,” she said

“The Satisfyer Partner Plus with remote is a partner toy where one person wears it and the other partner can control it with a remote.

“Byron Bay residents are still very discerning when it comes to adult toys – the almond aromatherapy is an interesting choice, it’s one of our very high-end products.

“They’re buying beautiful glass products and luxury lube. It seems there’s really this a commitment to enjoying the time they have at home. The increase in popularity of games and beginner bondage set might indicate people are getting bored and they want to try new things.”

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