Sleep is a wonderful thing for parents in the trenches of raising little ones. Here to help you breathe a little easier is Canopy, maker of the popular wellness-inspired humidifier that purifies the air and infuses it with calming scents. For its latest collaboration, the New York-based company has teamed up with stylish baby-gear designer Lalo to release a duo of limited-edition aromatherapy scents.

Debuting this week, the collection contains two fragrances—one to help encourage sleep and the other to clear up congestion (because summer colds are definitely a thing). Both scents are formulated with all-natural ingredients and can be easily diffused through the included bacteria-fighting humidifier so that everyone, parents included, can sleep peacefully through the night (fingers crossed) and cultivate a healthier home.

Surprisingly, a humidifier is not only essential in winter. In summer, they can help counteract the drying effects of indoor air conditioning, which depletes moisture from the air. Still, humidifiers have somewhat of a maligned reputation for being clunky, hard to clean and prone to mold. Since launching in 2020, Canopy has set out to solve many of these common gripes.

Most notably, the contraption is sleek—its dimensions are 10 x 7 x 8.5 inches so it can easily fit on a bedside table—and the device is mist-free. Rather than releasing plumes of steam, Canopy relies on evaporative technology and a white-noise fan to continuously push droplets of water into the air. A UV light zaps 99.9% of bacteria to kill off germs, and an antimicrobial paper filter (that should be replaced every six weeks) traps dirt, debris and dust, which makes your atmosphere cleaner and is especially helpful if anyone in the house has allergies. Also nice: The unit comes in four colors and its detachable tray and water tank are dishwasher-safe, so there’s no need to scrub the parts by hand (a task many of us forget to do, hence the mold problems). 

 The Zen part is the aromatherapy “puck,” a three-centimeter rounded tray that neatly fits into Canopy’s slotted upper grate where you can put drops of essential oils to subtly disperse scents through the air. Recently, Canopy partnered with home organization brand Open Spaces and plant delivery service The Sill on limited-run aromatherapy ranges, and its latest with Lalo is the first created with younger tykes in mind. “We heard from new parents that they were buying the Canopy humidifier for their baby’s nurseries and really loving the experience,” says Eric Neher, Canopy’s chief marketing officer, on the inspiration behind the collab.

Michael Wieder and Greg Davidson, Lalo co-founders, were among those parents stocking up. “We were both using the Canopy humidifier in our babies’ nurseries and saw the impact it had,” says Wieder, adding that from there, “the collaboration was natural.”

Sensitive noses will appreciate that the Canopy x Lalo blends are crafted with pure essentials oil, vegan and free of synthetic ingredients. Soothe contains lavender and vanilla for a cozy, slumber-inducing aroma, and Clear refreshes nasal passages with crisp eucalyptus and sweet orange. Everything is non-toxic and safe for small humans, a mission that’s also top priority at Lalo, according to Wieder. Designed in New York and Scandinavia, the baby and toddler brand has built a steady following among style conscious parents who appreciate its well-constructed, rigorously tested items—highchairs, play tables, feeding essentials—with a minimalist vibe that’s, as the brand puts it, “easy on the eyes.” It’s all very Instagram-friendly, durable and not ridiculously expensive.

Similar to the Canopy humidifier, Lalo’s pieces come in muted colors and wipe down easily. While the Canopy x Lalo collaboration will only be available for a limited time (shop it while supplies last), here are five more Lalo items to simplify your life with a little one.  

Lalo Essentials for Eating, Playing and Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

The Lalo Highchair

Built to last and reduce waste, this bestselling convertible chair comes with two sets of Forest Stewardship Council-certified beechwood legs that “shrink” from a high setting of 33 inches to a lower height of 23 inches just by changing out the legs, so you can use it for years as your child grows up.

The Lalo Mealtime Set

Feeding babies is a messy affair. This kit has everything you need—a silicone suction bowl and plate, plus a bib, cup and spoons—so you can be prepared for spit-ups and food being playfully hurled at the walls.

The Lalo Play Set

This versatile table functions as space for art projects, playdate activities and eating, and comes with two chairs in shades that can be mixed and matched, from cobalt to dusty rose to limited-edition sage.  

The Lalo Daily Stroller

A modern stroller with three settings (upright, reclined and fully flat) that folds up easily, has a machine-washable liner, shock absorbable wheels and is compatible with a variety of infant car seats.  

The Lalo Bassinet

Designed to keep newborns super cozy while they sleep on their backs, this bassinet has a padded mattress and sheet that are both fully washable, plus a shape that lets in enough of a breeze for optimal airflow in the warmer months.  

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