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Gift Guide Wellness


We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that matters — literally. Our outer beauty shines from within, meaning what you’re putting in or on your body affects what we see on the outside. Glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails are all achievable, but sometimes we need to turn to supplements or natural products to get the results we want to see from the inside out.

With herbs, powders, essential oils, and more, we’ve curated the best gift guide to help you find the perfect treat for that yoga-posing, meditating, vitamin-taking loved one in your life. Let their inner beauty shine through with the following eight gifts.

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This female-founded brand is committed to helping others heal and live their best lives through Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments (think acupuncture and cupping) and herbal blends. This specific supplement is designed to bring out that inner glow using pearl powder, organic rose hips, turmeric, organic shatavari, and more to help clear the skin of impurities and blemishes, intensely hydrate, promote cell renewal, and reduce signs of aging.

– $48 Available at Quim

Whether you’re on your own or with a partner, it’s always a good time to have a good time. The Smooth Operator Serum will not only remind you of Sade, but it will also promote pelvic relaxation, decrease pain, and pump up your blood flow using a blend of hemp-derived CBD, aloe, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid. To use, simply shake up the bottle, apply four to six pumps to the clitoris, vulva, vagina, or anywhere else you fancy, let sit for a good five-ish minutes, then get down to business.

– $49 Available at Dosist

These past two years have been a wild ride to say the least. As a result, far too many of my friends have told me that their sleeping pattern is out of whack. Seeing as a good night’s sleep is essential for achieving beautiful, glowing skin, add these gummies to a loved one’s stocking stuffer if you want to give them something they’ll really appreciate. Made with a blend of 25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of CBN, each gummy contains a powerful blend of the cannabinoids to help promote sleep, so they can wake up feeling refreshed. And if they’re up for it, you could also add the THC version of the sleep edibles into the mix.

– $37 Available at Sephora

Increase your collagen intake on the go for supple and healthy-looking skin, hair, and nails. Simply add one of these packets to any drink — whether your beverage of choice is coffee, tea, or water. The unflavored and unscented powder dissolves and blends right into liquids to promote plump, elastic skin, as well as strong nails and shiny hair. Personally, I dump a packet right into my morning coffee to pump hydration into my body first thing. And you’ll never even know it’s there — in fact, it may make your coffee even creamier. A delicious latte that has skincare benefits? Vital Proteins understood the assignment.

– $60 Available at Sephora

This supplement promotes collagen production and elasticity for that dewy, youthful looking glow. The formula includes antioxidants like glutathione, astaxanthin, and vitamin C and E to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, neutralize free radicals, increase the skin’s elasticity, and repair exiting damage. Take two tablets a day and before you know it, your healthy skin will be radiant.

– $55 Available at InBloom

Ever wonder how Kate Hudson gets that ridiculous glow? The actress and wellness guru started her own supplement brand in 2020 that offers plant-based powders that taste great and seamlessly fit right into your routine. Her Beauty Aura powder is a blend of marine collagen and nutrient-rich herbals, like amla berries, schisandra berries, and horsetail silica that all work to nourish, protect, strengthen, and plump skin, hair, and nails.

– $20 Available at Amazon

This all-natural acne treatment was created by dermatologists to reduce skin problems without any harsh ingredients. New York City-based board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King swears by the mineral supplements that “use a different approach for reducing acne: a homeopathic mineral formulation to reduce inflammation.”

– $87 Available at doTERRA

This kit from doTERRA includes the cutest marble essential oil diffuser and two of the brand’s oil blends: Breathe and Serenity. Both contain a mix of essential oils that will create a calming, soothing atmosphere around your home or apartment for when the extended family comes to town. You’re welcome.

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