State-owned Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) will begin selling potatoes at Tk 25 a kg in Dhaka through their trucks from today.

The Commerce Ministry made the announcement through a press release on Tuesday.

One can buy 2 kg potatoes at a time. Onion, edible oil, sugar, lentils will also be sold at fixed prices on the trucks.

However, the government re-fixed the prices of potato, raising it to Tk 35 from Tk 30 in retail level.

The price was re-fixed at a view exchange meeting at the Department of Agricultural Marketing on Tuesday.

Earlier on October 7, the Department of Agricultural Marketing set the prices of per kg potato- Tk 23 in cold storage, Tk 25 in wholesale, and Tk 30 in retail levels.

But the businesses objected to the prices, and at one stage they stopped selling the vegetable.

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