Data-Driven Salon Summit, a two-day event held May 19-21, 2019 in Atlanta, GA, brought together salon owners and managers, technology companies and specialists, financial advisors, along with coaches and consultants, for a deep-dive into the metrics of “salon success.” A peer-driven, hands-on experience, salon owners, especially, took full advantage of the data resources of ZeeZor and Salon Today to learn about benchmarks and best practices – from the industry’s leading experts – to help them drive improvement in a range of areas including retail and service sales, engagement, marketing and retention. 

“The bottom line is that nobody has all the information or all the data but even the best data in the world is not valuable without context,” Steve Reiss, publisher of MODERN SALON Media said in opening the summit. “We have this event because information is power; good data can change your life and bad data can be equally disruptive. I think you’ll find the most valuable conversations you’ll have here are with people you would never have thought to talk to and when you leave this event you’ll have a network of people you can call and they can help you on your journey.”

Todd Weeks, one of the keynote speakers, titled his presentation “Are You Running Your Business Or Is It Running You?” and this question resonated with attendees and inspired many of the presentations. A roster of experts took to the stage—and the classroom—to discuss the ways drilling down on metrics can inform a salon’s business. And that once demystified and understood, data should be put to work.

“I’m inundated with data,” shared Scott Missad, president and CEO of Gene Juarez Salons & Spas. ”There are reports and more reports but we don’t know what to do with the findings of the reports.  Data without action is just noise. Here, you are going to be presented with actionable items from everything you attend.”

Other speakers included Cindy Howell, former franchise owner of several Great Clips locations, who showed how to study your data for clues to when and where theft may be happening in your salon business. Salon 124 Group’s Owner Brian Perdue and Director of Marketing Amber Burns shared an innovative approach to digital salon marketing, including a campaign to recapture lost guests. And Jyl Craven, owner of Jyl Craven Hair Design and China Wong, owner of Salon Spa W, shared their best practices for strategically planning for growth and working more efficiently through understanding their numbers.

Chris Nedza, founder of ZeeZor, a real-time data analytics and employee engagement app for salons and spas, said, “Data helps us achieve both employee and consumer engagement. Engaged staff is more productive, more creative, and more loyal. And we can use data to understand our consumers so we know how we get them in, and, once in, how we retain them.”

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