Fall is in the air, and with it the crisp and spicy scents I crave this time of year. I am candle-obsessed year-round, but I do consider autumn the official beginning of candle season. The comforting ambiance brought to a room by the soft glow of a candle is hard to beat (and especially needed this year). I truly believe that after a stressful day, a candle’s soothing aroma and soft glow can help you relax and re-center.

While I love spring scents full of fruit and sweet freshness, I find myself dreaming of wrapping myself in a warm embrace of delightful fall and winter notes like oak, amber, peppermint and ginger. These scents smell good enough to eat and make my mouth water just thinking about them. Take a journey with me as I pair some of my favorite scents with the coziest fall corners.

The molasses room is one of my favorite spaces year-round. With warm brown walls the color of New Hampshire’s finest maple syrup, there is an inherit comfort to the room however it has been styled. We tend to put more of our earthy, masculine and cabin-inspired furniture and accessories in this area to enhance the rich and slightly rustic atmosphere. A room like this is the perfect space for an abundance of textures and patterns that provide intrigue and complexity. There is not a better candle pairing than the intricate blend of flavors that is Pickwick’s British Oak. With notes of cardamom, galbanum, lime and mandarin mixing with jasmine, basil and base notes of sandalwood and tree moss, it is a scent with many intriguing layers.

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