Star Body’s Natural Skin and Sun Care Products Are A Hit

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Aug. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Since 2019, Star Body has been rocking the world of skin and sun care with their one of a kind Espress-O-Yourself line of caffeine-infused products. Though caffeine is often used in high-end beauty products, applying coffee extract to their already potent suncare formula has been a winning combination for Star Body.

Company founder Babs Marich says that Star Body began as a dream, as far back as 2009, when Babs started researching the beneficial effects of coffee extract as a skincare ingredient. Bruce Marich later joined the company in 2019 as President of Star Body Espresso Yourself. 

After nearly a decade of research and development, Star Body was born. Star Body’s attention to detail has paid off, they have since been recognized as one of the most effective, natural, environmentally conscious sun care companies on the market, and a true Florida brand.

Providing products that are both reef-safe and scientifically proven to be effective is quite an achievement. Each year, the world loses more of its aquatic ecosystems and a diverse range of marine life to the irresponsible manufacturing of beach products, like sunscreens and lotions, containing ingredients that are toxic to coral reef systems.

As a Florida-based company, Star Body holds themselves to a high standard of natural manufacturing practices, that include considerations for the ecological impact of their products. Through this attention to detail, they are able to ensure that their products are not only beneficial to customers but safe and non-toxic to the environment.

Star Body’s line of products includes their flagship formula, Espresso Body Bronzing & Beauty Oil. Star Body makes it clear that this product is not a self-tanning oil, nor a sunscreen. It is a unique, plant-based formula that helps reinvigorate skin at the cellular level with coffee extract, adding shimmer and a luxurious glow with real 24 karat gold mica. Star Body adds a Collectible Star Fish charm in every bottle that helps to distribute the 24 karat gold mica. Every bottle of Espresso Body Bronzing & Beauty Oil shines like a work of art, with flecks of gold, coconut oil, rice bran, and vitamin E oil. The combination of these oils has been researched to provide safe and effective sun care, keeping skin healthy and hydrated for hours, even in the heat of summer.

Another product from Star Body’s lineup that has been turning heads at every showcase is their Tattoo Renew U formula. Tattoo Renew U offers the best in skincare for tattoos utilizing the benefits of coffee oil to help tattoos look brand new again while keeping them safe in the sun. Star Body has taken their Tattoo Renew U to some of the largest tattoo conventions in the country, and the product has consistently been met with glowing customer reviews.

Now, Star Body is expanding their reach within the United States retail market, making their products available through a diverse selection of both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. Since they first launched their products in 2019, Star Body has experienced consistent growth as they continue to fill a unique niche in the sun and skincare market, previously unaddressed by other companies.

Star Body’s products can currently be found for sale through their website, and they have been called a company to follow as they continue their growth throughout 2020.

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