The collaboration with The Healthy Chef is a great complement to the hotel’s existing wellness offering, which includes De-Light menus with enhanced vegetarian and gluten-free options, sleep rituals featuring pillow menus, aromatherapy and the highly-acclaimed Sofitel MyBed, a state-of-the-art Technogym gym, and yoga mats and light weights provided in all the suites or available upon request.

Teresa Cutter, Founder and CEO of The Healthy Chef, comments: “The foundation of good health begins with the food we eat. These delicious smoothies, juices and restorative drinks offer wonderful health benefits for the body and mind. Boasting a powerhouse of protein, antioxidants, fibres, minerals and vitamins which are easily absorbed into the body, while nourishing the cells from the inside out to support immunity and total wellbeing.”

Available through in-room dining, Champagne Bar and conferences, the four new signature drinks developed with The Healthy Chef and Sydney mixologist Kurtis Bosley feature natural ingredients such as 100% marine collagen (for glowing skin, hair & nails, and healthy joints), ceremonial-grade matcha (an anti-ageing, immune-boosting, antioxidant-rich green tea loaded with chlorophyll and L-theanine to help control stress) and 100% natural WPI Protein (a 100% whole food ideal for high energy, lean toned muscle and sports recovery).

Options include:

  • Up + Go Coffee Shake by Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef ($10) – Coffee, banana, oat milk, dates, Healthy Chef Vanilla Pure Native WPI Protein.
  • Everyday Greens by Teresa Cutter, The Healthy Chef ($12) – Green grapes, lime, coconut water, ginger, Healthy Chef Everyday Greens, Healthy Chef Marine Collagen.
  • Immune Lover ($21) – Quince gin, marine collagen, fennel pollen Poire William, ceremonial-grade matcha, amontillado sherry
  • V&Tea ($22) – Native-infused Belvedere vodka, marine collagen, pomegranate & hibiscus tea, aniseed & lemon myrtle, pandan, lime, StrangeLove light tonic. Glow from the inside out with this delicate blend of hibiscus, rosehip, pomegranate and berries, rich in antioxidants for optimum health and vitality.

Additionally, the Wellness room package is priced from $352 a night with 2-night minimum stay and includes accommodation, daily breakfast, 2 gluten-free energy-boosting smoothies, 1 copy of Teresa Cutter’s plant-based cookbook, Earth to Table, and a 150g pack of The Healthy Chef’s Natural Immune Support, with 10 times the RDI of Vitamin C and the full RDI of Vitamin D to support total wellbeing at home.

Valid for stays from October 2020 through to 31 January 2021.

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