When your skincare routine is meant to serve not just you but your baby too, some necessary changes are called for. Your skincare requirements change when you are pregnant or are a new mom who is still in the breastfeeding phase. This is because your baby is ultimately exposed to the products you use on your skin during this period. That’s why you need to up your skincare game and make the switch to baby-safe skincare products when you are new to motherhood. We help you transition to the best pregnancy-safe skincare routine with these essential tips.

Say Hello To Motherhood By Making These Essential Skincare Switches


For Those Sleepless Nights

If you are a new mom, there’s no doubt that you’re probably having some restless nights mainly because your newborn baby’s keeping you up. If giving your eyes a rest isn’t so much of an option, you can apply an eye cream and gently massage the area to depuff your eyes and improve circulation. Eye creams that are rich in antioxidants and skin-firming ingredients like coffee beans are a great choice for amazing results. The right eye cream for you will be an all-natural formula that is free of toxins and offers the benefit of reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

A Caring Cleanse

Your skin is prone to sensitivity during and post-pregnancy so your regular facial cleansers may not do you any good. You will need a face wash that is gentle on the skin and one which is infused with natural ingredients that offer nourishment and essential vitamins; these ingredients should also be able to soothe your skin and not cause irritation. Opt for face cleansers that have a non-drying formula and contains sensitive skin-friendly ingredients like hyaluronic acid which helps to lock in moisture, vitamin C which is ideal for maintaining skin health, niacinamide to keep skin clear, and ideally other green ingredients like neem or tea tree oil which are medicinal and treat blemishes caused by hormonal fluctuations at bay.

Toning Tales

As your skin adjusts to the skin concerns associated with pregnancy it is wise to maintain your skin’s pH levels with the right kind of toner. Your toner should be free of alcohol and harsh ingredients like sulphates or parabens. The right toner is one that is enriched with natural ingredients that soothe and hydrate your skin while keeping your pores clear and refreshed. A product that delivers the perfect amount of vitamin C or vitamin B5 (in a gentle way) is ideal to maintain your skin’s health and gives it the nutrition it needs.

Fab Facial

Indulging in a face massage sesh with a beauty oil and a jade roller is the best way to get your skin back on track. Applying a beauty oil will strengthen your skin’s barrier and improve elasticity. The jade roller used over a beauty oil will help the oil absorb into the skin better to revive your skin cells and tone up your facial muscles while improving blood circulation. A daily ritual with your face oil and jade roller is not only calming but will also work to reduce fine lines and promote a healthy glow. We recommend opting for non-comedogenic beauty oils that soften skin and offer anti-ageing benefits like bakuchiol or kumkumadi oil.

Buttery Goodness

As your body adapts to the growing baby in your belly or post-pregnancy weight loss, it is bound to undergo some stretching and eventually settle as stretch marks and sagging skin. You need to care for the skin on your body during the whole pregnancy and phase and postpartum period to ensure your skin adapts to these physical changes and looks as healthy as ever. Using a body butter regularly will help prevent stretch marks from occurring and will also relieve dryness and itchiness on the belly area and rest of the body caused due to weight gain. Body butters that contain pure organic sources of cocoa butter or shea butter are ideal as they will deeply moisturise and heal your skin in order to prevent stretch marks and dryness.

Make these changes to your skincare routine so that you enjoy healthy skin throughout motherhood.

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