Fresh cut eucalyptus shower bundles delivered to your door. Hand trimmed, bundled and wrapped with
twine allowing a loop for hanging. Comes with a shower hook to place the loop on for easy use. Your
bundle is enclosed in a protective floral sleeve with directions on how to make the most of your
eucalyptus bundle.

The all-natural healing powers of Eucalyptus in the shower help fight:
– Anxiety
– Cold & Flu
– Allergies
– Asthma
– Stress
– Sinus Congestion
– Chest Congestion

Plus it gives your shower a home spa look and feel. Order your bundle today to start experiencing all of
the benefits that eucalyptus provides.

PLEASE NOTE: Not everyone’s senses are the same. Some will experience a very strong scent, while others
get just a hint of the aroma. This is totally normal. Regardless of your sniffer, you will still get all of the
amazing benefits.

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