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Sleep better this weekend.
Sleep better this weekend.

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A good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. You could turn to sleep aids like melatonin or a soothing podcast, but your nighttime setup could actually be the culprit. 

Given all the Labor Day deals going on, there’s no better time to upgrade those bedroom essentials. From aromatherapy pillows to maybe even a new mattress, don’t miss your chance for better sleep. Plus, you can snag an extra 15% off by using the promo code GOFORIT15 at checkout. (Prices listed here reflect the promo code, so don’t forget to use it!)

If you’re always tossing and turning in the middle of the night, consider adding the LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine to your nightstand. The machine will help you fall asleep faster and relax with realistic fan sounds, white noise, and ocean effects. Remember, use the promo code GOFORIT15 to pick up this device for just under $36. 

Chronic back and loin pain could also be keeping you up at night (sorry). You can help reduce those aches with the Indiegogo-funded Comfy Night Pillow Set, which provides you with three different pillows that correct your posture and lead to optimal sleep. This particular set usually sells for $148, but you can pick it up for $126.64 after the aforementioned coupon.  

You can feel like you’re falling asleep at the spa with this Aromatherapy Memory Foam Pillow. Come on, who doesn’t love dozing off on the massage bed? Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to drop the price down to just $85 from its original $129 selling price. 

For just $51, you can undo the bad posture you’ve had all day with the Sleep Yoga Dual-Neck Pillow. It’s an ergonomically-shaped pillow that offers extra support and contours your natural neck curve while sleeping. Moreover, the product successfully raised over $83,000 on Kickstarter, so it has to be good. Just make sure to use the promo code GOFORIT15 to get the discounted price. 

Stop switching comforters between seasons and buy this Down Alternative All Season Comforter that you can use year-round. It’s filled with 3D-3V fiber, which apparently feels like goose down, and if that’s not fancy enough for you, it also has satin piping around the edges. The comforter typically sells for $199, but right now, it can be yours for $92 after you use the promo code GOFORIT15. 

If you’re serious about sleeping better, it’s time to replace your college mattress, and there’s no better time than a sale weekend. The GhostBed 11-Inch Memory Foam Cooling Mattress is designed with four layers including memory foam that all work together to give you a more comfortable rest every night. The ultimate mattress can be yours for a little under $652, after using the coupon code GOFORIT15. 

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with the Refresh Memory Foam Pillow. It can quickly adapt to the natural shape of your body and provide incredible support, so that you’ll be able to get some shut-eye in no time. This pillow would typically cost $109, but it can be yours for a low $67 after using the coupon code GOFORIT15. 

Close your eyes to the sweet-smelling BlanQuil Essence Aromatherapy Pillow. It’s been infused with lavender essential oils during manufacturing in an effort to relieve stress and effortlessly lull you to sleep. Intrigued? Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to drop the price down from $149 to a low $68. 

Hit the hay with the hassle-free Yaasa Grey Microfiber Sheet Set. You’ll have no problem with these sheets as they’re extra soft, feature hypoallergenic fabric, and are wrinkle-resistant. Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to drop the price down to a low $34. 

Complete darkness can actually speed up sleep, so turn to the world’s best light-blocking eye mask for help. Enter: Dreamlight Ease Light with its patented light-blocking design that can instantly create a pitch-black environment. After the promo code GOFORIT15, you can own one for just $11.

Beyond waking you up in the morning, the BEDDI Style Intelligent Alarm Clock Speaker helps you fall asleep peacefully with your choice of white noise or relaxing nature sounds. This alarm clock speaker retails for $49, but it can be yours for just $14 with promo code GOFORIT15. 

The Cushion Lab Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket is a next-level tool for drifting off into dreamland. The weighted blanket utilizes deep touch pressure stimulation to help your brain release sleep chemicals like melatonin that allow you to mentally and physically relax your way into a full night of sleep. Why take melatonin when you can release it naturally? Try it yourself for just under $94 with promo code GOFORIT15. 

The Sleepletics Celliant Performance Sheet Set isn’t your ordinary sheet set from Target. These luxurious bed sheets are made with premium cotton and patented Celliant yarns, a textile that’s clinically proven to help promote healthier, more restorative sleep. Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to save $64 off its original price. 

As soon as the lights go out, you’re going to want to cling to this Sable Memory Foam Pillow. The pillow is filled with 20% more foam than its competitors or extra comfort and softness. Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to drop the price on this down to just under $26. 

Don’t let dust, mites, or anything else floating around get in the way of a solid night’s rest. The Soft Stomach Sleeper Down Alternative Pillow is encased with a strong pillow protector that’s outlined with luxurious satin piping. You can rest your head on it knowing you’ll be on your way to the best sleep ever. A two-pack usually sells for $149, but the GOFORIT15 code drops the price to a low $72.

Fill your bedroom with the relaxing aroma of lavender courtesy of this four-piece Bamboo Lavender Scented Sheet Set. In addition to the lavender, these sheets are soft, breathable, and made with organic bamboo blended with high-quality microfiber. Use the promo code GOFORIT15 to drop the price down to a low $31.

Elevate your space by adding the versatile DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine to it. You’ll be able to sleep to your preferred white noise pitch, while using the machine as a night light and phone charger. Typically this machine would cost you $49, but with the code GOFORIT15, you can order one for just $17.

Block out any light around you with the Manta Sleep Mask v2 and Blackout Stickers, and you’ll be surprised at how much it can help you sleep. For around $25 (after the coupon code GOFORIT15), this handy sleep mask can provide you with the best sleep night after night. 

Wear the revolutionary GO2SLEEP AI-Powered Tracking Device on your finger while sleeping and it will generate a comprehensive sleep report. Based on this data, it will then develop customized tips and recommendations on how to better your slumber each night. The easy-to-use tracker normally costs $129, but when you use the GOFORIT15, the cost drops to $84.

The Adaptive Sound Technologies Sound+Sleep Machine plays realistic, natural sounds designed to quickly rock you to sleep. The machine also features a patented technology that listens to your environment and adjusts the volume based on ambient noise levels. Usually selling for $99, this innovative machine will only cost you $42 after the promo code GOFORIT15. 

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