SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A local salon made Saturday very special for three women who have battled breast cancer.

Luxe The Salon offered a free Bosom Buddies Makeover to people who were nominated by family and friends via social media for the pampering session.

Salon owner and cosmetologist Latecka Moore-Early, who is a Susan G. Komen’s Pink Hair Warrior ambassador, selected breast cancer survivors Deanna Lucas, Michelle Mobley-Mott and Shabarbara Best-Everette.

“It’s like I was a princess!” Shabarbara Best-Everette poses with her new look. (Image courtesy of Latecka Moore-Early)

The women had their hair shampooed, conditioned, trimmed and styled at no cost. The guests also had makeup applied by a visiting makeup artist.

“It’s a blessing because everybody doesn’t support breast cancer,” said Best-Everette, who beat breast cancer twice — once as a 21-year-old college junior and again at age 36. 

She was also diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 23, not long after giving birth to her son.

“When you find people that actually do want to do something for you, it’s sweet,” said Best-Everette, who has been cancer-free for eight years. “I’m very happy about this. I’m very excited to come today.” 

Moore-Early, who has owned Luxe The Salon for nine years and worked as a cosmetologist for 20 years, says she chose only three women to participate in order to maintain social distancing. 

“I felt extraordinary, and as you can see, I look extraordinary!” Michelle Mobley-Mott is all smiles after receiving her makeover. (Image courtesy of Latecka Moore-Early)

Clients and stylists wore masks during the sessions.

Moore-Early says she and her staff work to do their part each Breast Cancer Awareness Month by informing clients about the importance of mammograms and where they can schedule one.

“I feel like the top three people that you talk to are God, your doctor and oftentimes your hairstylist,” Moore-Early told WSAV NOW.

“We find that our clients will come to us and tell us things health-wise before they’ll get with their family members,” she said. “As a hairstylist, it’s our job to make women feel beautiful so I feel like why not just take the whole month and do whatever it is that needs to be done?”

While Luxe The Salon raises breast cancer awareness in some way each year, Saturday’s free makeover event was a first for the salon.

Moore-Early says in the African-American community, women tend to put their own health on the back burner while showing concern for their friends and loved ones.

“I feel like we don’t go to the doctors, we don’t follow up like we should,” the Savannah native said.

“Today was great, it made me feel so good!” Deanna Lucas (Image courtesy of Latecka Moore-Early)

“With all of the resources that we have out here, it’s only right that with information that we get that we spread the word, not the cancer,” she added. 

While receiving a crochet hairstyle, Best-Everette shared that several of her paternal and maternal family members have dealt with some form of cancer. 

She advises that women not only stay on top of getting mammograms, ultrasounds and pap smears, but that they look into their family’s health history as well.

“My family has every ribbon, even skin cancer, and you don’t usually hear too many African Americans with skin cancer, but it was found on my uncle,” Best-Everette revealed.

The survivor also says that women don’t have to be 40 or 50 years old to receive their mammograms.

“You can go early,” she said.

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