SANTEE, Calif. — As more businesses continue to adapt to the outdoor-only guidelines impacting several industries, a Santee nail salon is adjusting well to the new operations.

Lux Nails has set up shop on a sidewalk Santee. The salon has been in business for two decades and after two closures during the coronavirus pandemic, they weren’t going to give up.

“We have to do what we have to do to make a living and to have customers continue to come back for the service,” said nail technician Annie Nguyen.

Lux Nails had already put a lot of hard work into making the inside of the business safe and sanitary when they reopened about a month ago, and loyal customers took notice.

“All the face guards, the plastic in between, all that stuff. They did everything they were supposed to do,” said Vicky Wilson.

For Wilson, her nail appointment is a relaxing time of self-care time that looks forward to every three weeks, so the three months when nail salons weren’t open were especially disappointing.

“Horrible! I went into a depression because that’s when you couldn’t go outside really to do anything,” Wilson said.

Wilson and many others are happy to be booking appointments again after a brief second closure last week, even if it means a change of scenery.

“All the customers, they’re loving it because they’re outdoors, nice, fresh air, the breeze,” said Nguyen.

It’s a little extra work to bring the equipment and tables in out and every day, but the salon is thankful they are one of the industries able to adjust their business and still serve customers.

“We are happy that we are out and working. Better than staying home doing nothing,” said Nguyen.

For those looking to stop by Lux Nails, the salon highly recommends they make appointments.

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