SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — After another month of do-it-yourself color and cuts, you’ll be able to sit inside a hair salon this week.

As a result of California’s new four-tier reopening guidelines, barbershops and hair salons in Santa Barbara County can resume indoor operations. 

“We’re ready,” Studio B Salon & Style Bar owner Brianna Olcese said. “We’re just counting down the minutes and hours till we can open our doors.”

Olcese and her husband Jason are prepared to reopen their business on Tuesday with a stress on sanitation.

“During the day I’m a business consultant but at night, I turn into a COVIDbuster,” Jason said.

Each evening, he plans on suiting up — similar to a Ghostbuster — for a deep clean of the entire salon. 

All employees will set aside 30 minutes between each client to disinfect their stations. 

“We’re just making sure no one gets sick,” hair stylist Tenaya Bishop said. “We’re taking the extra steps to ensure everyone feels safe here.”

After an initial three-month long closure, Studio B got back to business in June. 

However, a mid-summer spike in coronavirus cases caused the salon to shut down services again in mid-July. 

“To be shut down again was deflating and defeating for everyone,” Jason said.

“None of it really made sense to us as professionals,” Brianna said.

While most barbershops and hair salons moves outdoors, Olcese decided to keep her business shuttered.

“It’s unsanitary, you can’t control any environment outside,” Brianna explained. “You don’t know who is going to walk by or if the wind is going to blow, it’s ultimately ridiculous.”

Studio B anticipates many regulars returning for much-needed makeovers. 

“Everyone is so excited to come back,” Bishop said. “They’ve been waiting a long time.”

“Everyone has started to realize how much they needed us,” Brianna concluded. “Now, they appreciate us more.”

Prior to Friday’s reopening announcement, California was the only state in the country restricting hair dressers from operating indoors. 

At Studio B Salon & Style Bar, call 805-626-0370 or visit their website in order to reserve an appointment. 

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(More information, video and pictures will be added here later today.)

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