A STANTHORPE hair salon is doing its part to help those in need, offering a day of free haircuts for children, before the first term of the 2020 schooling year kicks off.

Mansara Hair owner Sara Burton and senior stylist Gavin Canu will be donating their time to cut any school aged children’s hair for free, with plenty of spots still left to fill according to Ms Burton.

“We want to be fully booked out,” she said.

“There is heaps of kids in this town so the objective is to get as many done as we can.

“When we say kids it can be from prep right up to high school.

“We are not going to discriminate against age.”

On top of cutting children’s hair for free, Ms Burton has also organised 50 back to school packs to hand out.

“The packs will have pencils, pens, colouring in pencils, erasers and all that kind of stuff that kids will need to go back to school.

“Everyone wants to help but sometimes they just don’t know how,” she said.

Ms Burton said to keep an eye out on her Facebook as she is continuously updating the list of items that are needed to fill the packs.

“Even if it is just one or two sharpeners.

“It really doesn’t matter, any contribution is good,” she said.

“I just had the principle from Dalveen in here to get her hair cut and she left $50 to put towards them, its great.”

Ms Burton said she is going to make a day out of it, putting up balloons and keeping an eye out for somebody to do face painting.

“Anybody who wants to come down and help out is free too.

“If I can find another hairdresser that is willing to donate their time and come in and help that would be great.

“I believe this is an ongoing thing and that the town is always going to need some sort of support.

“I am so surprised that a little idea like this has grown into something so big.

Ms Burton said if you are interested call Mansara Hair on 4681 0080 or private message her on Facebook to book and appointment before spaces fill up.

“Don’t be shy.

“It’s going to be a really fun day.

“Nothing serious about it, it’s just to make these kids look smart for school.”

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