Homebound seniors in Roscommon County have a new way to get all dolled up thanks to Salon on Wheels.

The Roscommon County Commission on aging says this is a much-needed resource for people who have trouble getting out of the house.

The Salon on Wheels program means a lot more than a haircut.

It gives seniors who are often stuck in their homes something to smile about.

“Our goal is to keep the seniors in their homes as long as safely possible and we do that by offering a whole selection of services,” Tom Pettit, Director of Roscommon County Commission on Aging.

Pettit does that with Fran McDonald, a licensed cosmetologist, who set up shop in her own portable salon.

“After Fran has left their home and other providers go in they just talk about how good it felt and how happy they were with the service,” Pettit says.

Not only does Fran do their hair, she provides them with social interaction they may not otherwise get.

“It’s been a passion of mine for years and I love helping people so this just fits right in,” Fran McDonald

A COA member, Pam Stephan, who recently fell more ill was given a cut and so much more.

“She’s a wonderful person. She has Parkinson’s and some dementia we are actually going in to assist her caregiver husband so he doesn’t have to put her in the care, take her out to a salon and have her hair done, said Fran.

“She has a smile on her face so that tells the story right there. She’s quite happy with it,” Ralph Stephen, Pam’s husband said.

Fran truly brings the salon feel to their home.

The home service is just a small charge and can be scheduled at your convenience.




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