Roots Salon and Wellness, Cary, North Carolina, Reopens as a Full Service Salon and Wellness Center

Roots Salon and Wellness, Cary, NC has reopened after a long remodel and expansion recently with a full range of salon and wellness services. This is a major step for the three year old fledgling salon that started in 2017. They now offer a full range of salon and wellness services whereas before they were just a salon.

CARY, North Carolina – January 22, 2020 – Roots Salon and Wellness is primarily based out of Cary, North Carolina. Cary is located in the suburbs of Raleigh and is a quiet and quaint community that is quite cordial and considerate. The trend in hair salons is to grow and expand beyond just hair. Roots is no exception to this. The oddity is to the success that they have achieved in the short amount of time. Most service oriented shops that begin as salons either go out of business or slowly expand after multiple contractions due to moving staff and hiring difficulties. The hair and nail and beauty industry can be incredible boom or bust with stylists moving to new areas where the business is. A stylist is much more mobile than a full business. So, when a branded shop opens up it is exciting to see that not only have they survived their first year, they have actually expanded their services to other things besides hair. Included in the expanded services are services like hair styling, hair extensions, full body spray tanning, teeth whitening, and full body waxing and other esthetics services.

The doors of Roots Salon & Wellness opened in early spring of 2017 and with the loyal support of their guests they quickly expanded in 2018 and then again in 2019 when they had the opportunity to become one of the only stand alone salons in Cary NC. There is a chance that they will be starting a trend in the area. There is a market for salons that do more than just hair. Even at a higher price point people are willing to pay for services that help them relax and reach a state of comfort and contentment.

There is a full expectation by the local community that the growth of Raleigh has been influencing the growth of businesses in all of the communities that surround the downtown. Even well out in the suburbs of Cary the effects of growth are seen. Where some businesses may have had trouble existing over the years, the influx of new clients have been a boom to mom and pop and sole proprietor shops like Roots Salon and Wellness. Most likely this trend will continue to shape the beauty industry in Cary and all of the surrounding communities. Right now Roots Salon and Wellness may be sitting high as the only Cary Beauty salon in town. Though, few believe it will be the last.

About Us

Roots Salon and Wellness is nestled in the small community of Cary and is currently the only free standing and singular salon and wellness center in the town. Conveniently located in the western suburbs of Raleigh, Roots serves all of the surrounding communities for all of their wellness needs from nails to hair to skin. Roots Salon and Wellness is a full service Cary salon and wellness center that provides hair styling, hair extensions, full body spray tanning, teeth whitening, and full body waxing and other esthetics services. They are dedicated to keeping their clientele happy, healthy, and completely glowing from inside out. Whatever you want to do and whatever service you need done Roots is here to service your needs.

Media Contact
Company Name: Roots Salon and Wellness
Contact Person: Zachary Hewett
Email: Send Email
Phone: (919) 694-5990
Address:210 High House Road
City: Cary
State: NC
Country: United States

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