ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – Rocky River’s Tomorrows Salon and Spa is planning a big move and a big expansion.

The salon, that has been located in Beachcliff Market Square on Detroit Road for decades, is moving to 20160 Center Ridge Road. Owner Anci Brennan has purchased a building on the north side of the street and will be renovating and doing a complete remodeling including the outside of the building.

“It will be a $700,000 remodel as we expand from our 4800 feet here (in Beachcliff) to 6600 square feet,” said Brennan. The building sits on a slope that gives it three floors though only two are visible from the street.

An elevator will be installed in the building and a green space in the front will replace the parking area that will be moved to the back of the property.

Brennan and her business partner, Rez Molnar, decided to make the move after having been the longest occupying tenant at Beachcliff. She also took on Kate Burns as a partner about two years ago. Kate has been in the industry about 14 years, she said. Her specialty is hair extensions and hair replacement.

“All things in the new building will be fresher and newer. All things will be brand new,” said Brennan. She also noted there will be room for more chairs and more employees as well. “I look forward to attracting new talent,” she said.

The plan is to begin the remodeling of the new building in March and the project is anticipated to be done some time in July or August.

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