Traders attributed this price hike to supply shortage amid the recent floods in the northern region of the country

The prices of some essential cooking ingredients such as lentil, soybean oil, and rice increased over the week in the capital’s kitchen market.

Traders attributed this price hike to supply shortage amid the recent floods in the northern region of the country.

Visiting several kitchen markets at Rampura, Malibagh, and Madhubag, prices of the said items were found to increase by Tk5 to Tk35 per kilogram in the past week.

The price of fine variety of Masoor lentil increased by Tk5-10 per kg, and sold for Tk120-135 a kg, which was Tk115-125 a kilo last week. 

The medium-quality variety costs Tk90-110 a kg, while the coarse variety costs Tk65-70 a kg.

The price of Moong lentil also increased by Tk5-20 per kg from last week, and sold for Tk120-125 a kg.

Traders said the prices of soybean oil increased by Tk4-5 a litre, while unpacked edible oil sold for Tk84-88 a litre, bottled edible oil for Tk100-110 a litre, and a five-litre container sold for Tk465-510 in the markets.

Palm oil super variety price also increased by Tk3 per litre and sold for Tk73-78 a litre.

Alamgir Hussain, a retailer at Malibagh kitchen market, said the prices increased as the prices went up in the wholesale market. 

“We do not get the products on time as the wholesalers also did not receive them on time due to disrupted supply chain caused by the floods,” he added.

The prices of rice remained high in the markets as well. 

The standard variety of Miniket rice was selling for Tk55-58 while the fine variety was selling for Tk60-65 a kg over the week.

Najirshail rice was retailing at Tk60-66 a kg and BR-28 rice was selling for Tk50-54 a kg.

Refined sugar prices also increased by Tk2-3 a kg, which retailed at Tk60-65 a kg.

Meanwhile, among spices, both cumin and cinnamon prices increased by Tk30 a kg from last week. 

Cumin was retailing for Tk340-410 per kg and cinnamon for Tk380-480 a kilo.

Hasan Mehedi from Madhubagh said: “The traders found an excuse, due to the floods, to increase prices. If the prices went down even by Tk1, they would find a way to increase it by Tk10 soon after.”

Vegetable prices also remain high

Vegetables such as aubergines sold for Tk60-75 a kg, cucumbers for Tk40 a kg, tomatoes for Tk85-105 a kg, papayas for Tk40 a kg, green chillies for Tk190-235 a kg and bitter gourds for Tk60-85 a kg.

The price of eggs remained high, selling for Tk105-110 per dozen.

The price of local and imported onions both increased by Tk5 per kg. Local onions were retailing for Tk40-45 a kg while the imported variety cost Tk30-35 a kg.

The prices of garlic decreased by Tk5 per kg, as the local variety retailed at Tk80-90 per kg and imported ones at Tk65-80 a kg.

Ginger prices remained high over the week, with the local ones retailing for Tk135-160 a kg, and imported ginger at Tk160-180.

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