5YINA’s Quiescent Beauty Oil replenishes, nourishes and restores dull and aging skin. The botanical-infused serum boasts super antioxidant seed oils and offers maximum hydration and brightening effects. The “phytonutrient-rich complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and enhances suppleness,” leading to a complexion that is more “luminous, firm, and smooth with regular use.”

Targeting dryness and premature aging, 5YINA’s Quiescent Beauty Oil consists of powerful botanical ingredients, including calming and revitalizing agarwood and antioxidant and adaptogenic rhodiola, which strengthens the skin’s barrier while stimulating elastic production. The serum also boasts anti-aging Chinese Angelica root, that stimulates collagen production, Japanese Knotweed, a vine enriched with resveratrol and lastly, gromwell, a regenerative, anti-inflammatory herb,

This blend of naturally healing ingredients helps battle aging effects in one simple-to-apply serum format, adding convenience to one’s day and night routine.

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