When Essential Oils started becoming all the rage, I had big plans to live a more holistic lifestyle so that I could clean up all the chemicals and products that ruled our lives. The world of essential oils is extremely overwhelming and I found myself unsure of how to use essential oils properly. What blend was right and how did I know if I had enough carrier oil to keep that blend safe for my entire family? It became a lot of work to understand how to use the oils and I eventually gave up. Oilogic Essential Oil Products takes the guesswork out of blending. The roll-ons make it easy to carry your Oilogic stash with you so that you always have little nature potions with you and you don’t have to struggle with how to blend them correctly, and dilute them properly.

Pure Essential Oils perfectly blended for specific ailments

About Oilogic Essential Oils

Oilogic® Essential Oil Care uses 100% Pure Essential Oils specifically blended and diluted for little ones, to naturally soothe common kid troubles. With Oilogic, you can easily and affordably tap into the power of natural Essential Oils and don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and other yucky stuff, allowing you to feel good, while your little one feels better.  With Oilogic, you can go back to doing what you do best – loving and nurturing your sweet baby.

Oilogic Essential Oils are 100% Pure and contain NO Proteins. Using 26 different Essential Oils, they are all sourced from the country the plant is indigenous to. Oilogic essential oils are diluted properly leaving the guess work out of what needs to be blended and with what moisturizing carrier oils are safe and effective. The essential oil roll-ons and Ouchies and Boo Boo Ointment are MADE SAFE™ Certified (www.madesafe.org). All roll-ons are handmade, crafted and poured for your safety.

Oilogic Essential Oil Products

Perfectly Blended Essential Oils 

The babies and toddlers line is made for 3+ months and focuses on blends that help with Stuffy Nose & Cough, Soothing baby, Slumber & Sleep, Ear & Tummy Troubles and Cranky & Fussy solutions.

The kids line is for 2+ years and has blends that focus on Sneeze & Allergy, Relax & Calm, Ouchies & Boo Boos, Nighttime & Sleep, Cold & Cough and Bug Bites & Itches.

The adults 12+ years line has blends that focus on, Sinus & Allergy, Rest & Sleep, Itch Relief, Headache & Tension and Cold & Cough.

Oilogic Essential Oil Allergy relief

My Thoughts

Like most moms I look at a product and question all the ingredients for anything that can potentially be harmful and I question every medicine. When I discovered these little nature potions, I knew that the idea of the Oilogic brand was exactly what I wanted for my family to safely use to Essential Oils without the guess work. I want to be able to soothe my daughters bug bite with a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils. The bug bite Oilogic roll-on is perfectly blended with Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Olive Fruit Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Fruit, Peppermint Oil, Balsam Canada Resin, Orange Peel Oil, Clove Leaf Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil,Vitamin E in Sunflower Seed Oils, which is a blend I would have never known to use. The essential oils are clean and free of any petroleums, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, gluten, dyes, mineral oils, artificial colors and synthetic perfumes. Every little potion is made to cover a specific ailment. I love that I can carry a small bundle of roll-ons and have my bases covered for whatever life throws at us.

Shop Oilogic Essential Oils for the entire family. The bundles make great starter kit.

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