Amongst a long list of benefits one can get from Essential Oils is Stress Relief & Good Sleep. Both are critical for a healthy mind and body. Following is the list of specific essential oils and groups that help in this cause.

From the Citrus Family: 

This group includes Essentials oils like Orange, Neroli, Mandarin and Bergamot.  These oils are known to be most effective in helping with sleep disorders. As an added benefit these also help uplift your mood and enhance good feelings. Bergamot is prepared from the peel of the fruit, which makes it a rich source of Vitamin C. Citrus-based oils can be diffused, applied on the wrist or added to night creams. They have benefits for not just relaxing but also in skin tightening and pigmentation reduction. Add 10-drops to the night skincare routine. Soak your feet in lukewarm water with a few drops of these oils. It helps clean your feet and energise tired foot muscles. 

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Bay Leaf and Nutmeg: 

These essential oils are extracted from the leaf of the bay leaf plant and the seeds for the Nutmeg. We use the dried version of the leaf and the nut in our kitchens as part of our staple diet. They have calming effects and can be added to water or body oils for daily use.  Add bay leaf oil or nutmeg oil to regular oil and warm it for some time. Upon cooling down apply it to the body before a warm shower. It helps to relax the mind and gives a night of good sleep. You can also use it in green teas or simply add to warm water for calming your nerves and aid sleep. 

Vetiver Essential Oil: 

It is ideal for cooling and relaxing the muscles. Vetiver is also used for anxiety and nervousness. It is known for its regenerative properties for the body and skin. It works as an astringent and closes your open pores if used in skin care creams and can also be used in your under-eye cream. 

Ylang Ylang Oil:

It is extracted from flowers and is commonly known to help with depression. Ylang Ylang also helps in reducing blood pressure. This oil can be added to carrier oils like almond or olive oil for relaxing body massages. For every 10 ml of oil 10-drops of essentials can be added for effective results. 

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Lavender, Jasmin and Ashwagandha Oil: 

Lavender Oil is also extracted from flowers and buds. It is not just the most popular oil for relaxing and pain relief but is also known as one of the most effective oils for mind relaxation. Lavender oil can also be used on your pillow and your body creams. 

Similarly, Jasmin and Ashwagandha oil are effective in reducing lethargy and fatigue. Because these flowers open at night it is said to be effective in inducing calm sleep. Almost all these oils can be used in carrier oils and consumed as part of the daily routine for continued effect. 

Through Essential Oils, mother nature has extended her healing touch. When we embrace these wonderful oils, we embrace Nature.

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