Palm tree is one of the richest trees on earth when it comes to natural endowment. No part of palm tree is wasted, every part of it can be converted into monetary gain.

There are enormous products you can get from palm tree, some are known to us, while some are totally unknown. Let’s look at various things we can use different parts of a palm tree to make: palm oil, wood or planks, palm wine, broom, palm Kernel, frond stall,

Mats, basket, palm kernel, etc.

Palm oil – is the most popular product we get from the palm tree. It is extracted from the palm fruit and it’s used as cooking and frying oil. Palm oil is very healthy and nutritious for human consumption. It is also used for industrial purpose, for manufacturing cosmetic, soaps, toothpaste, lubricant, ink and waxes.

Wood or planks – the stems from palm tree can be converted into woods or planks for making buildings.

Palm wine – palm wine is a sweet tasty drink that’s gotten from the sap of various species of palm tree like the date palms, Palmyra and coconut palms. It is one of the most popular drink in Africa with enormous benefits. It has the ability to fight cancer, it increases eyesight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, promotes lactation and also helps in maintaining a healthier skin, hair and nails.

Broom -there is no home (poor or rich home) you won’t find brooms. Broom is used for sweeping, removal of cobwebs and also used for making ewedu soup in Nigeria.

Palm kernel – palm kernel is an edible seed of the palm fruit. Palm kernel oil is derived from palm kernel seed, the oil is a great remedy for epilepsy, is a rich antioxidant agent that contains vitamin E and prevents symptoms and signs of aging; when applied to the hair it makes hair thicker and prevents breakage, it softens the skin, helps to detoxify the body, controls blood pressure and takes care of body odour.