BRINGING together some of the best all-natural products made in the Clarence, a little shop in South Grafton has a clear focus.

“This shop is all about supporting the local people,” Heka Health Healing and Wellness owner Vanessa McLennan said.

Opened in January, the store showcases a variety of natural products such as soaps, incense, shampoo and bath salts – a vast majority of which are made right here in the local area.

Ms McLennan said there was a real focus on natural remedies with low toxicity, born out of her own experience of having severe allergies her whole life.

Having always had to seek out natural and fresh produce, free from chemicals, her philosophy when shopping was “outside aisles only”.

“Go into the supermarket and have a look at what is in the outside aisle only – fresh meat, fresh fruit and vegies, dairy, juices, all that is on the outside,” she said.

“Really, do we need much on the inside aisles? No, just a few essentials and that’s how I live – ‘outside only’.”

After deciding to open the store, Ms McLennan wanted to find a unique name that would sum up the store and she came across Heka.

Heka was an ancient Egyptian deity associated with health, healing and wellness, a perfect fit.

Ms McLennan also provides pain relief massage and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF therapy directs pulsed energy waves towards damaged or injured areas of the body to stimulate and promote healing within cells.

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