The moment that I opened The Set — a bundle of products from new haircare brand Crown Affair — I knew that its take on beauty was different than most. Launched on Jan. 28, the back-to-basics haircare brand had sent over a brush, a comb, a hair oil, and a towel. Nothing too out of the ordinary, right? But nestled between those familiar tools was a dark green 3-minute hourglass; a physical reminder, according to the brand’s website, to take your time with your hair.

This concept of methodical hair care is woven into Crown Affair, inspired largely by founder Dianna Cohen’s own experience. “Growing up I found ritual in taking care of my hair, which sparked a life-long obsession with the everyday actions we all take to care for ourselves and connect with one another,” Cohen told The Zoe Report in an email. Craft met community via Cohen’s own circle, which sparked an email turned Google Doc detailing her hair routine.

“When friends began to ask me more about my own hair, I shared everything I knew, and learned everything I could. From learning how to care for different hair types and textures, to the ways that hair reflects our culture and our identities, hair became a hobby, and a new point of connection,” she adds.

Courtesy of Crown Affair
Courtesy of Crown Affair

This lead to the creation of Crown Affair’s launch products: The aforementioned Brush No. 001, Comb No. 001, Comb No. 002, The Oil, and The Towel. Prices range between $36 to $62, with the haircare set (plus hourglass) retailing at $220, landing the brand squarely between drugstore and high end — an entirely purposeful move.

“I wanted to be able to create the $200 hair brush I couldn’t live without, and the $60 comb I brought everywhere, and the $80 hair oil I recommended to friends, and provide more people with access to luxury products they will have forever at a price point between luxury salons and the drugstore,” Cohen says.

Courtesy of Crown Affair

The scented hair oil — a mix of botanical oils, fragrance, and Crown Affair’s proprietary, dimethicone-based “NeoClean” blend — is only the beginning of haircare products for the brand, too. “We’re currently in development with a few products and have begun testing with our community. Expect a wider range of tools and in-shower treatments coming soon,” Cohen says.

For now, you can shop the haircare brand on — or, peruse all five new launches by scrolling down.

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