As a part of its steadfast determination to thwart any resurgence of Covid-19 in the country, the government is constantly updating SOPs for various industries and as a result providing the rest of the world about best practices to tackle the pandemic. The latest addition to its ‘Corona Playbook’ is making it mandatory for all beauty salon customers to wear face-shields while getting facials.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of the new SOP, the new SAPM on Health Faisal Sultan, who happens to be one of the best infectious disease specialists in the country, explained how a face shield over a face mask would add a layer of protection not only for the facialist but also the customer getting the facial while maintaining a level of convenience and safe contact that will be acceptable to the beauty salon and the government respectively.

Commenting on the latest guidelines for the beauty salon sector, PML-N MPA Sadia Taimoor, who had moved a resolution in Punjab Assembly back in April to open beauty parlours and hairdressers in the province, said that this is just another example of the PTI’s anti-business policies. “I wear a KN-95 and protective goggles while getting all my facial work done and it provides enough safety, the face shield is simply overkill”, she added.

Speaking to The Dependent Federal Minister for Planning and chair of the NCOC Asad Umar, when asked how it was humanly possible to give a facial to a shielded face, replied, “Yes of course! Only BRT buses have free Wi-Fi and the Punjab ones also don’t have phone charging stations, ours do”.

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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