Oiling mommas out there, did you know that Human Nature sells essential oils?   If not then your missing out !

Honestly, I don’t remember them pushing for or talk about having essential oils .  All I know is I am surprised that I am using Human Nature essential oils even before they asked me to look through their products and get what I want.

Human Nature is one of those local companies that people should be supporting because of their PRO agendas. They are PRO poor , meaning they help elevate lives of the people and the community who works for them and they support.  They are PRO Philippines which means as much as possible, they source their products locally.  They are PRO Environment, which means as much as possible they make sure each product they have are harmless to humans , animals and the environment .

Anyway, I got myself a couple of Human Nature Essential and here are the reasons why I got those particular essential oils:

Peppermint Essential Oil 

I super love the scent of this one.  It’s super sweet and delicious, each time I diffuse this or put a few drops on my indoor garden spray, it makes me happy.   But in spite of it’s sweet smell did you know that Peppermint is a great ant warder !    Yes it is!  Since I’ve used it, my ant infestation on my indoor garden completely vanished.  I used to have a lot but now hardly an ant going around.  I wonder where they went !

Lavender Essential Oil

It’s a universal knowledge that the lavender scent relaxes and calms.  With the pandemic pushing us to the wall, this is one of the best essential oils to have around.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

The Covid-19 virus is said to be airborne.   Having the Tea Tree oil around is an instant air purifier.

Citronella Essential Oil

When you have plants, its most likely you attract bugs.  Also because you can’t avoid stale water, mosquitoes may come .   Its good to have this around and spray when you feel somethings biting you it’s a great mosquito repellent.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Sitting around for hours or doing a lot of house chores can really give you body aches!  Just a few drops of this oil and you get the relief you need!

If you want to buy these essential oils, you may head over to the official Human Nature social media account or visit  humanheatnature.com.

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