FRESNO, California (KSEE) – A Fresno salon is shutting its doors a week after reopening indoor services in defiance of state and local orders. 

“Wanting to work has never been a crime but it sure seems like it is at this time,” said Salon Posh owner Tanya Alvarado.

Alvarado says she spent months making sure her salon was safe for stylists and clients. Last week, defying state and local orders, she decided to reopen indoor services like haircuts, coloring and extensions. 

“We spent money when we were able to open again that we didn’t have in hopes of being able to follow all the guidelines and the fact that wasn’t enough is heartbreaking,” said Alvarado.

The City of Fresno gave her a warning, then a fine of $1,000 dollars. With $5,000 next and mounting bills, Alvarado says she had no choice but to close. It’s the third time she has done so since March. Since then, she says the salon has lost about $30,000 dollars and three stylists. 

“My biggest fear is losing everything I worked for. I didn’t get here overnight, it took me 8 years to get where I am today and for my dream to be shattered because of something out of my control, that’s a very scary feeling,” said Alvarado.

In a business rooted in relationships and creativity, Alvarado says not being able to make a living is more than a financial hit.

“All salon owners out there know owning a salon is not easy. When you have stylists who are depending on you or looking up to you for what to do next and you don’t have any answers, that’s when it gets pretty challenging,” said Alvarado.

She plans to appeal the fine with the city and is asking for donations to help pay the fine on the Salon Posh Facebook page. 

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