MACOMB COUNTY, MI — Additional lawsuits have been filed in Macomb County Circuit Court in connection with hidden cameras found at a Chili Pepper’s Tanning Salon at a franchise location in Shelby Township.

Attorney Ven Johnson said Thursday that lawsuits have been filed on behalf of nine more Chili Pepper’s Tanning Salon customers against the franchise, located at Van Dyke and 25 Mile Road in Shelby Township, and Brian Maciborski, 38, Macomb, on the grounds of, among other things, gross invasion of privacy.

In total, 11 people have filed lawsuits against Maciborski and Chili Pepper’s, including nine adults and two minors, who are believed to have unknowingly been filmed inside private rooms at Chili Pepper’s.

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“We have sunken to an even lower level of criminal activity as we now know minors were exploited, as well as adults,” attorney Ven Johnson said. “Not only is this a clear invasion of our clients’ privacy, but now we know Maciborski, and potentially others, possessed explicit videos of clients under the age of 18. Maciborski is a sexual predator and Chili Pepper’s management is negligent in failing to inspect the salon and protect its customers, at the very least.”

The newly filed lawsuits are the next series of lawsuits the lawfirm has filed against Maciborski and Chili Pepper’s. The first complaint was filed in May and included two plaintiffs. The second complaint was filed in June and included three plaintiffs. The third and fourth complaints both included two plaintiffs and one minor and were separately filed in July.

According to the lawsuits, Maciborski was a customer of the tanning salon and in July 2019 installed hidden cameras in the business. Salon management claims they failed to detect the holes in the walls and speakers, according to the lawsuit.

An off-duty police offer and salon customer discovered the cameras in February 2020. Shortly thereafter, Maciborski was arraigned in the 41-A District Court of Sterling Heights on three counts of eavesdropping and one count for possession of analogues.

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