MODESTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A now-viral video pokes fun at how hairdressers in certain California counties are only allowed to provide services outdoors. 

And in the Central Valley where it was shot, the creator points out why exactly doing hair in 90 plus degree weather isn’t exactly feasible. 

“For us, we were just kinda making fun of the situation and I think people appreciated it right now because I think they just feel like us,” said salon owner Michelle Rau. 

Rau owns Bella Vagos Salon in Modesto, which remains closed. 

She said she and her best friend, Sadie Christensen, joked about the newest regulations for reopening salons outside. 

“It feels so good to just laugh like in this crazy time,” Christensen said. 

With Christensen as the hairdresser and Rau as her client, the two demonstrated the not-so-pretty truth of an outdoor salon. 

“I think the support is probably the best part about it because we’re all feeling the same,” Rau told FOX40. 

Some of the people who saw the video tagged Governor Gavin Newsom and the state’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. They have not responded. 

Rau said the post has brought much-needed levity to an otherwise dire situation. 

“This is so crazy. We can’t work outside. We have perfectly sanitized salons to work in,” Rau said. “So, I think we just all feel the same.” 

As the latest round of closures continues, the two friends said at least they can find and share the laughter. 

“Just staying super positive and just ready to go when it’s time,” Rau said. 

“For everybody just getting the humor of it and exactly that we are just trying to have fun in the midst of all of this is my biggest thing that I loved seeing,” Christensen said. 

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