Supermodel Miranda Kerr has always been way ahead of the curve with her skincare brand, Kora Organics. Long before every famous face started launching a line, she introduced Kora in her native Australia in 2009. While the clean beauty market has exploded over the last year, Kora Organics was a step up from clean from the very start, as it’s certified organic. And Kerr was first in line before the crystals craze kicked off, with Kora’s signature rose quartz filtration process.

Her latest launch is the Minty Mineral Hydrating Mist, a burst of freshness for your face that delivers hydration, refreshes makeup and gives a glow. Courtesy of its aromatherapy blend of peppermint and palo santo, it wakes up your skin and your mind and mood. “It’s been a while perfecting it and I just love it,” Kerr says. “The aromatherapy is so calming and grounding. And the peppermint is so uplifting and reenergizing. We have aloe vera in there, microalgae, sea water and blue daisy. It’s a really powerful hydration mist.”

Kerr tells us all about why she launched Kora Organics, the elements that go into every product and her very long-term vision for the brand.

As a model, you tried practically every skin and beauty product. What have you learned from that and how did that inform Kora Organics?

I started modeling when I was 13 and now I’m 38. All of those years in the industry really taught me so much about what different textures work on the skin and what really gives that glow underneath makeup. One important thing to note is when I was about 16, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and that really encouraged us as a family to look more into our health and further research products that we were using in our homes, everything from skincare to haircare to cleaning products. We would be really shocked to see how potentially carcinogenic and toxic certain ingredients can be that were readily available and still are readily available on the market. Products that claim to be natural really weren’t. I was talking to a friend of mine—it was probably 2005—and I said to her I’m looking for certified organic skincare. Do you know of any? She said no; why don’t you speak to this friend of mine who makes certified organic essential oils. I spoke to her and she said I don’t actually know of one but you could speak to my lab. Then I spoke to the lab and said I’d love to make certified organic and powerful products.

How long did it take to fully launch Kora Organics?

From 2006 to 2009 I was playing around with the formulations, doing more research and finding the best organic chemists and trying all the products for myself, my friends and family. It was incredible to see the results that we were getting on our skin. I launched in Australia at the end of 2009. It was a passion project of mine because I was so busy working, so I kept it as my little hobby. We didn’t launch internationally until 2017. We launched in Sephora in America, and now we’re in 30 different countries and sold internationally on our website as well. That was when I made a decision to spend every day working on Kora as opposed to modeling.

Once you made that switch to natural, non-toxic ingredients, did you notice a difference in your skin?

I noticed dramatically a difference. I’m 38 and my skin has never looked better. But that’s because I’m religious with my morning and night routines. It doesn’t just nurture my skin, but it also nurtures my mind and body. All Kora products, in addition to being first and foremost super potent and healthy for you, are certified organic. A study from Cambridge showed that you have up to 60% more antioxidants in certified organic ingredients. Therefore, you’re getting more powerful results.

You integrate aromatherapy and a rose quartz filtration process; why is it important to you?

I wanted to incorporate tools that have been so useful for me in my life. Three of those tools are rose quartz—the use of crystals, the use of aromatherapy and the use of positive affirmations. Each product has its own aromatherapy profile of essential oils that we use. And each product has its own positive word on the back to uplift the user, because every thought we think has an effect on our body on a cellular level. There’s been different studies on the molecular structure of water that has a positive word written on it or a negative word written on it and they’ve been different; one study was by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist. There’s so much research about words and how powerful they can be and so I wanted to really try and uplift the user’s experience by placing a positive word like “love,” “joy,” or “abundance” to further energize the product with that energy of positivity and upliftment.

The Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil, for instance, has “forgiveness” on the back of the bottle. That is an opportunity and a gentle reminder that when you’re cleansing your skin, you can also cleanse your spirit and do little forgiveness prayers. The Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleanser is sorted through clear quartz, which brings clarity. And then the aromatherapy oils contain geranium, rose and basil, which is very soothing and calming for your senses—very good for anti-anxiety. That’s just one example of how I infuse those tools into one product.

One thing about the rose quartz filtration process is that all of our products are filtered through rose quartz during the compounding process, so the entire formula is touched by rose quartz. The intention is to infuse that vibration into the products and then on to you. Rose quartz is a beautiful gemstone and crystal that carries that loving, soothing energy, and it’s all it’s very nurturing. It’s a crystal that I really resonate with.

Sustainability is a key pillar to Kora; tell me about your eco efforts.

We’re very committed to doing our part to help minimize our footprint on the environment. We’re taking steps to limit our carbon footprint with our new products, transitioning to more sustainable packaging with glass bottles and refillable pods. We’re also working with Climate Neutral to offset our carbon emissions. In general, organic farming techniques are definitely more sustainable for the environment and for everyone. There’s no pesticides and things like that, so it does provide that safer environment. I really feel everything should be organic. That’s the way it was originally, before we got so demanding, as customers wanted this and that and wanted it all year round. That’s not possible all the time around the world with organic farming. That’s why it’s nice to eat local produce from the farmers market.

What are you most proud of Kora for?

It makes me so excited that I can help people get the results they need for their skin in a way that’s good for them. It’s healthier for the environment. The results show that you don’t need toxic chemicals or preservatives in the products to make them work; you can really achieve these results in a healthy way. I’m also really proud of the fact that our products have won multiple awards, I think around 24 different awards from all over the world. To be recognized globally from beauty leaders is something that feels really good, because I know from being in the industry for so long how hard it is to get that recognition and how good your products actually have to be. I feel really proud and excited to work with some of the best chemists in the world that helped me bring my vision to life.

How do you envision Kora’s future?

The company’s mine—it’s 95% mine. I’ve invested my whole life. This is not just me putting my face to a brand or doing an endorsement. Kora is my baby girl; I have three boys and my baby girl. It’s definitely something that I’m doing to hopefully pass down to my children. I’m not growing this business to sell it. My intention is to hand it down to my boys. These products will stand the test of time and that puts things into perspective. It’s also why I put my whole heart and soul into every product because I really want it to have that longevity and outlive me long after I’m gone.

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