MILTON, GA — Young or old, rich or poor, your mental health can impact everything about your life, your family and your world. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or another such ailment, or know someone else who is, you are not alone – especially nowadays, given all the uncertainty and challenges related to COVID-19 and its repercussions, among other weighty matters.

One worthwhile goal: Strive to make your “today” better than your “yesterday.” That’s what the LRJ Foundation, in partnership with the City of Milton, will try to help people do next month in a program aimed at “moving our mental health forward together.”

On World Suicide Prevention Day, which is Thursday, the North Georgia-based non-profit and the city will host a Mental Wellness Webinar offering the public valuable insights, tools and connections. During the event, people can listen to frank discussions while learning positive ways to manage stressful life situations, restlessness, loneliness, angst and more.

Last fall, around this same time of year, hundreds packed Milton’s City Hall for an in-person forum that hit on many of these same themes. This year’s version will be different because it will be virtual, a consequence of the ongoing pandemic while also an opportunity to expand the event’s reach. Anyone can “attend” once they first register using this link. The Mental Wellness Webinar will also be streamed live on the City of Milton’s Facebook page.

This first half of the summit will feature counselors, experts and teachers. It will be immediately followed by a second panel with students and community members. All will share their stories and views on how best to deal with uncertainty and anxiety, cope with isolation, and find strategies to generally enhance one’s mental well-being.

Founded in 2012 by the sisters of the late Lou Ruspi, the LRJ Foundation endeavors to “improve mental wellness and suicide prevention through interactive educational programming to school districts and the community.” Its team offers licensed outreach to students in third grade through college, as well as to teachers, businesses and community groups.

Consistent with LRJ’s mission, the Milton Mental Wellness Webinar will seek to enlighten, educate and engage young people. Yet it is open to all anyone in the community. Because just as mental health challenges do not discriminate by age, the positive coping skills and tools that can be used to emotionally regulate effectively, and will be discussed on Thursday, can work for any person. The Webinar will also touch on how to build relationships that are healthy for your psychological, as well as your physical, well-being.

In addition to hosting, the City of Milton will share useful resources and insights leading up to the event. Check the city’s website, its Facebook page and its Twitter feed for updates and information in the coming weeks.

If you have questions about the upcoming Webinar, contact the City of Milton’s Community Outreach Manager Courtney Spriggs at [email protected] And if you want to talk to someone at LRJ, to learn more about its programs or find ways to get help, email [email protected]

This article originally appeared on the Alpharetta-Milton Patch

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