Mood House, a modern massage spa, is opening in Dilworth this October. It’ll offer massages, meditation classes, and an infrared sauna.

Background: Mood House founder Cristina Wilson, former partner and president of the Charlotte Agenda, had the idea in 2019. She was looking for a place to recharge and build community, but couldn’t find the right fit in Charlotte. “I started dreaming about a beautiful space that would make a massage routine more convenient but still offer a very elevated experience, and the idea just didn’t let go,” she says.

Coronavirus impact: Cristina planned to open Mood House in spring 2020, but due to coronavirus, she’s now aiming for fall.

Despite the opening setback, there’s a growing demand for self care options during the pandemic. “Stress levels are obviously through the roof,” Cristina says. “I think there’s a sense from everyone that, ‘holy sh*t, we are not in control the way we thought we were,’ and also the awakening that we have to prioritize our health and well being.”

Cristina wants to provide guests with a re-imagined spa experience, and wants Mood House to be the “SoulCycle of massage.”

cristina mood house

Cristina Wilson, founder of Mood House.

What to expect: You’ll be able to choose from 50- and 80-minute massages or a quick 30-minute seated massage; an infrared sauna session; a combination of sauna and massage; and meditation classes (once indoor classes are permitted).

Vibe: Each massage room has a private waiting room nook outside of it. And each of the cabana-inspired massage suites are designed to feel like a much-needed getaway experience.

When asked what separates a Mood House massage from a massage elsewhere, Cristina says it’s the emphasis on meditation. “Our massage therapists are actually trained to incorporate a brief guided meditation at the start of every service. It’s super relaxing, and we also let you ‘choose a mood’ for your service — the meditation, aromatherapy, and even the music all align to help you feel exactly how you want to when you leave.”

Packages: Mood House will offer two monthly memberships: The High Performer ($75/month) and The Next Level ($95/month). After August 14, the rates will each go up $10/month.

The memberships will offer one monthly 50-minute massage or one 80-minute massage, respectively, and include special rates on all the other services. You can freeze or cancel anytime, and unused massages roll over forever or can be shared.

You can also buy a bundle of six 50-minute massages for $400.

Treatment menu:

  • 50-Minute Signature Massage – $105 non-members
  • 80-Minute Signature Massage – $135 non-members
  • 30-Minute Seated Massage  – $35 members, $50 non-members
  • 30-Minute Infrared Sauna – $20 members, $40 non-members
  • The Power Hour (30-minute massage + 30-minute sauna) – $50 members, $80 non-members
  • Meditation Class – $10 members, $20 non-members

Timeline: Mood House is slated to open in October.

Location: The exact address is 2400 Park Road, Suite A. It’s next to Famous Toastery in Dilworth.

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interior mood house

The space is designed by Perry Poole Architects. Once complete, this will be the main entrance and check-in area. 

hallway mood house

This is the hallway leading to the massage suites. 

window mood house

Guests will have a waiting area and seating equipped with charging ports for your phone.

Full disclosure: Cristina Wilson was previously a partner and president of the Charlotte Agenda and Agenda founder Ted Williams has invested in Mood House.

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