Hair and edible oil maker Marico has signed a licensing arrangement with grooming chain Kaya to introduce a new range of skin-care products under the eponymous brand, Kaya Youth.

According to the deal, Marico will be creating and selling a new sub-brand, Kaya Youth, and paying royalty to the skin and wellness chain, a separate listed entity. Marico’s introduction of the new brand is part of its strategy to reduce its dependence from hair and edible oil and also shift focus to the premium portfolio. 

Saugata Gupta, Managing Director of Marico, said, “While Kaya has high brand salience, distribution is limited to mostly its own clinics. Marico’s new range will be at a mass-premium level to make it more accessible and also have a wider distribution.”

“Kaya has a thorough understanding of India’s skin and hair care needs. The idea is to use its innovation and customer insights and develop a more scalable brand,” he added.

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